Friday, January 12, 2018


Cliven Bundy remained in jail refusing to leave until he was completely free and unrestricted. Only days later he arrives at the Clark County Sheriff Office to give a Press Conference. RTR Truth Media's contributor John Lamb was on scene to capture the event. Amazing courage in the face of adversity. Victory over Oppression. All his detractors can do is puppet the same lies the prosecution was exposed for trying to use against this American ranching family. Calling grazing rights "public lands" without giving the context that the surface of said rights are Bundy property, while claiming fees are him not paying taxes that were and have been paid consistently. The "management fees" cost nothing to the public. Unless someone is claiming that the foilage that the cattle have been ingesting was somehow denied to arrive upon their table, the allegation is as insane as those Marxists who seek to use EnviroMENTALism making green the new red. The fact remains that Cliven's stewardship has given the desert Tortoise a habitat by his caring for and making lush fertile grounds upon which the cattle and their presence provides a rich environment to thrive. The lies to destroy property rights are rooted in Marxist ideology and the Center for Biological Diversity in their own publication states they "seek to undo man's dominion over animals", which is taken directly out of the Bible and is the antithesis of the Biblical tenet that states "God gave man dominion over the Earth, and that which creepeth upon it...... They have deliberately stated this and as such have declared war upon the Faithful. Cliven Bundy is a steward of the land. Only those whom are ideologically programmed with Neo-Marxist ideology or whom have been affected by it can not see these truths.

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