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FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita and several colleagues on the bureau's elite Hostage Rescue Team are under investigation for alleged "lack of candor'' in their statements after the shooting of refuge occupation leader Robert "LaVoy" Finicum in January 2016, according to a new court filing.
The federal agents are the subject of an ongoing administrative investigation and review by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General, federal prosecutors noted in the document filed in court Wednesday.
Astarita was among FBI agents and state police officers trying to arrest leaders of the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as they drove off the bird sanctuary to a community meeting 100 miles away along remote U.S. 395.
Prosecutors had alleged that Astarita covered up that he fired at Finicum's truck after it swerved into a snowbank at a police roadblock off the highway on Jan. 26, 2016. They also alleged Astarita and his colleagues on the Hostage Rescue Team picked up and removed shell casings from the shooting scene. 
One shot hit the roof of the truck's cab and shattered the rear driver's side window and the other missed entirely -- both distinctly audible on the video captured by rear seat passenger Shawna Cox.
In August, a jury acquitted Astarita of all federal charges. 
While Justice Department officials had confirmed in the past that the agents would be investigated for alleged misconduct, the legal brief that prosecutors wrote mentions for the first time that the inquiry regards their alleged "lack of candor.''
Prosecutors made the notation in a footnote in their legal response to a motion by Astarita's lawyers governing whether certain documents from the Astarita trial should remain under the court's protective order.
Jury acquits FBI agent accused of lying in Finicum shooting case

At trial, the government prosecutors played for jurors the FBI's aerial infrared video that they said captured Hostage Rescue Team agents scouring the scene that night for evidence, bending down and looking under trucks and appearing to pick things up. 
Each of the federal agents testified they were conducting searches for remnants of flash-bang grenades or for lost gear. They also testified that they didn't hear gunfire come from Astarita and didn't see him fire any shots that day.
Astarita took the witness stand and said he had never fired his gun on duty and didn't know the type of ammunition he loaded into his rifle the day of Finicum's stop.
Juror in FBI agent acquittal: 'It's possible someone is lying'

With Astarita's acquittal, the mystery remains as to who fired twice after Finicum swerved into the snowbank, stepped from his truck with his hands in the air and shouted, "Go ahead and shoot me.''
Moments later, two state police SWAT officers shot and killed Finicum after he had walked away from his truck and was seen reaching into his inner left jacket pocket where police said he had a loaded 9mm Ruger pistol. The fatal shooting was ruled justified by the Deschutes County district attorney.
Investigators recovered only two shell casings of eight shots fired at the roadblock.
Finicum's family has a pending wrongful death lawsuit against the FBI, Oregon State Police, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and others.
-- Maxine Bernstein

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When Facebook decided to purge pages for what seems to be completely murky reasons leading up to the midterm elections, I had my suspicions... but the evidence so far recovered by Western Journalism seems rather clear. 

Of the 220 pages uncovered by The Western Journal,
67 percent are conservative or pro-Trump pages,
22 percent are libertarian or non-aligned,
and 11 percent are liberal or anti-Trump pages.

Everyone knows that Libertarians are for limited government and thus lean right.
This would mean that it would appear that as so far -

89% are conservative/libertarian
with a very small percentage of this being non-aligned

It appears that Facebook had strategically briefed The New York Times and The Washington Post ahead of the removals, given that within minutes of Facebook’s announcement, both papers published lengthy pieces describing the purge that included screenshots of the pages, something that could only have been obtained before the pages were removed.

After the purge, Facebook provided media outlets with only the same few examples: The Resistance, Reasonable People Unite, Reverb Press, Nation in Distress and Snowflakes. Four of these pages were liberal, while one was conservative. When asked for a complete list of pages, Facebook has repeatedly refused to release it

Now while some of these appear non aligned, this means that only 11% were liberal pages. This is so far as we know at this point not only indicating that Facebook has interfered with and in and of itself engaged in election / public opinion censorship interference, but also has engaged in economic terrorism, and interrupting the flow of commerce by destroying years of hard work by many like the following...

Western Journalism

Early on October 11, Matt woke up to find his small business gone. There had been no warning, no smoke, no heat — but his business was now a smoldering heap of ash. Facebook had burnt it to the ground.

Matt has operated his small digital publishing business since 2015. He spends his mornings like most business proprietors: After waking up, he reviews his numbers and checks messages to ensure his livelihood is running smoothly and as expected. It’s undoubtedly a more peaceful existence than Matt’s years in Army intelligence. His time in the military left him disabled, so his ability to work at least part of the time from his computer is a blessing.

It’s a good day for Matt when numbers are up and messages are down. As is usually the case for young entrepreneurs, no news is good news, because that means there are no fires to put out. But on October 11, Matt woke to the fire of his nightmares.

Matt is an online publisher. His business depends on his ability to drive page views to his website. Like many in the mid 2010s, Matt found Facebook to be good place to share articles and keep people coming back day after day. In those early days, growing Facebook pages was much easier. And getting more people to follow his Facebook page meant more people would see his articles.

Matt uses his website to tell stories about the thing that is most important to him — American politics. And his rise in online popularity proved he was not alone in his views. His activism mixed with his tough guy persona — “Do I look like a snowflake?” is his slogan on Twitter where he goes by “Matt Mountain” — resonated with many on Facebook. By last week, Matt had amassed an impressive 1.8 million Facebook followers on his pages.

But in a moment and without warning, Facebook took them all away.

On this fall morning, as Matt began his early-morning check of his site, he was greeted with a notification from his Facebook app that read simply, “account disabled.” He was obviously worried, so he immediately called his wife, who helps run the site, and asked her if she could access her Facebook account. She could not.

Facebook had unpublished all of Matt’s pages. Every page was inaccessible — effectively wiped from existence. The 1.8 million followers Matt had worked to connect with were no longer a click away. The 1.8 million followers who over the last three years had chosen to follow Matt’s site could no longer read the stories they loved or comment on the page with their friends about what mattered to them.

Matt checked his records. He had received nothing from Facebook. No warning. No deadline. No ultimatum. With two simple words, many years and countless hours of Matt’s work were forever wiped from Facebook.While Matt was scrambling to figure out what had happened, Facebook was announcing through a blog post that it had removed over 559 political pages and 251 accounts in a clampdown on what the company calls “inauthentic behavior” in the lead-up to the U.S midterm elections.

“Many were using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same names and posted massive amounts of content across a network of Groups and Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Many used the same techniques to make their content appear more popular on Facebook than it really was,” wrote Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, and product manager Oscar Rodriguez.

Facebook’s pre-midterm purge included pages and accounts that Facebook described as “ad farms” that used the platform to earn money and “to mislead others about who they are, and what they are doing,” rather than engage in “legitimate political debate.”

It appears that Facebook had strategically briefed The New York Times and The Washington Post ahead of the removals, given that within minutes of Facebook’s announcement, both papers published lengthy pieces describing the purge that included screenshots of the pages, something that could only have been obtained before the pages were removed.

After the purge, Facebook provided media outlets with only the same few examples: The Resistance, Reasonable People Unite, Reverb Press, Nation in Distress and Snowflakes. Four of these pages were liberal, while one was conservative. When asked for a complete list of pages, Facebook has repeatedly refused to release it. Even knowing the names of these five pages, journalists visiting the page are greeted with a message “Sorry, content isn’t available right now,” with no ability to see the page, previously posted content or examples of alleged “spam” actions.

Facebook claims the purged pages fell on both sides of the political spectrum, and originally declined to say if there were more pages on the right or the left, but a Facebook spokesperson later told Axios that “the takedowns may have impacted more right-leaning hyper-partisan Pages.”

Read the full article here -


In this mini-documentary about public school funding, reallygraceful discusses the history of compulsory schooling, the corporations who have channeled billions of dollars into the public school system under the guise of philanthropy, and how that philanthropy has influenced legislation that's resulted in a government monopoly over schooling. Subscribe For More - What the Media Wont Tell You - Please subscribe to thereallygraceful backup channel: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Instagram: Support my work on Patreon: About reallygraceful: On her channel, she talks about suppressed history by connecting the past to the present. On the daily, we're inundated with breaking news headlines propagated on the radio, television, and social media. It's her goal to provide context so that we can collectively navigate through this information labyrinth. reallygraceful

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt joins Tom Lacovara-Stewart on Resurrect the Republic Radio Show. Charlotte was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 26, 1930. She graduated from Dana Hall Preparatory School in Wellesley, Mass., and Katharine Gibbs Business School in New York City. Iserbyt’s father and grandfather were Yale University graduates and members of The Order of Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University. [1][2] She married Jan Iserbyt of Belgium in 1964 (deceased 2009) and has two sons, Robert Lieven Iserbyt (1966) and Samuel Thomson Iserbyt (1968).

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt - Archive

  Iserbyt is an American freelance writer who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Iserbyt also served as a social worker with the American Red Cross during the Korean War (stationed at SAC airbases on Guam and in Japan), in the U.S. Dept. of State (Middle Eastern and Soviet Union Affairs), and as Admin. Asst. to Ambassadors Philip Crowe, Republic of South Africa (1959) and to Douglas MacArthur II in Belgium (1961-1963). She and her husband, Jan, lived in Grenada, West Indies from 1968-1974 where Jan operated a yacht charter business. Upon returning to the United States in 1974, Iserbyt served as an elected school board member in Camden, Maine 1976-1979. Iserbyt also founded the Maine Conservative Union, an affiliate of the national American Conservative Union, and Guardians of Education for Maine.

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In this first and introduction to many detailed presentations to come, I sit down with Derrik Gonzalez to discuss the several Constitutions and the several United States and define them a bit. This is essentially the trailer video to what will be a long and fruitful revelation of much research that has culminated over years. I hope you all enjoy. 

Full Episode of Interview below:

#RTRTruthMedia #DerrikGonzalez #Constitution

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Tom Lacovara-Stewart
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I would like to thank Payday Monsanto my friend Will Sweeney for the music.
"Call Me When You Are Free - 14th Amendment Citizen"
Music used by permission of the artist

Purple Rain Instrumental by Artist Unknown so credit goes to Prince

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.


Jamal #Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey but never came out. At least not alive - or in one piece... according to Turkish officials who say they have audio and video evidence that a 15 member Saudi assassination team killed the Saudi journalist.


This video does NOT contain actual excerpts from the recording. This is a general discussion of a news story which is being covered by most mainstream media outlets. There are no graphic images or details in this video that would make it unsuitable for a general viewing audience. Don't even THINK of giving this video a community standard strike.


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Published on Oct 16, 2018 · 
800 Facebook pages purged in one day for posting "political content", including the Free Thought Project, the Anti-Media, Police the Police, Press For Truth and hundreds of others.
It is the largest single purge so far and yet this attack on independent media has been on-going for months. Its not just Facebook either, Twitter, Youtube, Google and Apple are all playing roles. Reality Check, problems create opportunities. Watch this Reality Check to see exactly what has happened and what is being done to create a truly decentralized alternative. Lets give it a Reality Check. Be sure to check out our sponsor SmartCash at Check out our new decentralized platform

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Break free of the left right paradigm.... free your mind from mental slavery, one step at a time...

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RTR Truth Media:

Kentucky State Police say an Owensboro police officer was shot by a homeowner who may have mistaken the officer for a prowler.
We have learned that the real story is that the officer fired first unannounced.

Authorities said Officer Zachary Morris, 23, was responding to the area around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday on a report of a suspicious person possibly breaking into cars.

Investigators said Morris saw a person matching the suspect's description and pursued him on foot when the suspect fled. It is not reported what this description was or if it remotely was similar to this grandfather in his own back yard.

Morris reportedly lost sight of the suspect behind houses in the 500 block of Hathaway Street when he came upon a homeowner and fired upon him without identifying himself. The homeowner returned fire and shot Morris who was behind a fenced in area.

Officials said Morris was wearing a ballistic vest, but the bullet hit the edge of the vest and fragments struck his lower abdomen.

Morris was taken to Owensboro Health to undergo surgery and is reportedly in good condition.

The KSP Critical Incident Response Team is investigating.

The homeowner has not been charged and thank God was not killed by responding officers.

Morris is a two-year veteran with the Owensboro Police Department. Who trains these people?

No Charges For Grampa - Guns In The News


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EDWARD SNOWDEN GOES ISRAELI with EX MOSSAD CHIEF - IS HE JONATHAN POLLARD 2.0? Edward Snowden is giving a closed session talk in Israel via video link. We talk about what he WONT be talking about. Was #Snowden an Israeli spy all along? Like Jonathon Pollard? The Falcon and the Snowman - Official Trailer These things need to be at least considered. Are you sick of internet and #MSM stars who cant say..."I-S-R-A-E-L?" Russian Soviet era emigres dominate Israel. If Israel did 911 - Russia did 911. Get used to it. KGB Infiltrated Highest Echelons of Israel’s Army, Business, and Political Leadership Brendon discusses what almost the entire alt media world will not discuss. For the simple vain reason they are online to make money and not tell you the truth. Start getting more discerning. Considering possibilities. ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON - THE TALPIOT PROGRAM How Israel dominates the planets high technology sector. VIMEO [Main Account] - YOU TUBE [Backup Account] - ISRAELI DRONES WORLD WIDE 1. How Russia China & Israel work together for the One Belt One Road Project. 2. How Israel steals US technology and passes on to China, Russia and Iran. 3. How this is impacting on the Middle East. 4. I ring Homeland Security to make a complaint about Jewish Zionist spying in America - it a good one hour watch. Brendon O'Connell Links
VIMEO [Main Account] - YOU TUBE [Backup Account] -

In this episode of Resurrect the Republic we connect the dots between Russia China Israel even Iranian collusion in matters many people do not know or understand. The pieces of the puzzle are right out in front of everyone's faces, but are so fragmented and myred in propaganda that they often remain disconnected. Soviet Israel is not the state representing the people many think it is.

Soviet records show a number of agents in high Israeli places, including lawmakers, military engineers and a senior general

This is gold. Israel is so infested with Russian spies removing top secret US technology back to Russia and China ALL co-operation with Netanyahu must cease.

Netanyahu may well be, literally, a Russian spy. A high level general was also implicated.
Was that Rafe Eitan? The IDF general staff? Friend of Netanyahu? -

More of Brendon's work -
YouTube -

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RUSSIA Trump, Fox News - "Putin loves Israel and Bi Bi" Borscht Belt: Will Israel Spurn America for Russia? Why Russia Needs Israel Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America As Putin Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Players, His Surprising Jewish Connection is Revealed An Emerging Alliance: Russia and Israel Israeli firms invest in Russia US blacklists Israeli company over Russia intelligence links Israel to lure Soviet Jews from Germany Israel's former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country Shin Bet Withheld Iran Secrets from Lieberman [Sec.Def Israel] as Security Risk KGB Infiltrated Highest Echelons of Israel’s Army, Business, and Political Leadership Like Putting the K.G.B. Into the Pentagon The KGB's Middle East Files: 'Illegals' in Israel - Russian agents and assets in Israel and elsewhere,7...

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New York Times LIED About Right Wing News – Lied To Cover Facebook Purge?

on October 12, 2018
• By Right Wing News

Right Wing News Editor Jeff Rainforth went over the stories that the New York Times included in their article, Facebook Tackles Rising Threat: Americans Aping Russian Schemes to Deceive.

The first RWN story mentioned, “Opinion: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Was Just Caught Slipping Something To Ford’s Attorney On LIVE TV,” was written on Sept. 27th, the same day as Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The article’s primary source was Chicks on the Right. Their sources appear to be Twitter posts and video.

Here’s what the NYT wrote about the article:

Trending: RIGHT WING NEWS Responds to Facebook Purge With EXPLOSIVE FACTS
“After Dr. Blasey testified, Right Wing News posted several false stories about her — including the suggestion that her lawyers were being bribed by Democrats… What Right Wing News did was part of a shift in the flow of online disinformation, falsehoods meant to mislead and inflame.”

After checking the RWN article, neither Right Wing News or RTR Truth Media found anything “false” about it, as the NYT suggests. The author merely questioned what was in the envelope that Rep. Lee handed to Ford’s attorney. The title of the story had nothing false in it, either.

Here’s what was in the RWN article:

“Why is a sitting Congresswoman even talking to this woman’s attorney let alone handing him an envelope? And what could be in that envelope? Instructions, a thank you letter, and an autographed picture, or maybe what sounds more probable … money? We can only guess at this point and I’m sure with a timid bunch as the Republicans are we won’t know anytime soon.
According to the Congresswoman’s press office, the envelope was simply unopened stationery notes given to counsel for Dr. Ford from women who wanted to enter the hearing room but were not allowed to enter. Why do I find this explanation so hard to believe?”

Questioning something is not “fake news.”

The second RWN story mentioned is “Opinion: Ex-FBI Agent Just Pointed Out HUGE Problem on Kavanaugh Accuser’s Polygraph Test.”

The source of the story is the Western Journal, and their source is Fox News.

The NYT wrote:

“Over the past few months, Right Wing News’ Facebook page has increased its activity,

researchers said. During the time that then-Judge Kavanaugh testified in Congress, Right Wing News — and several Facebook pages that mirror it by posting the same content — pushed out numerous articles that questioned the veracity of a lie-detector test that Dr. Blasey had taken and why she had come forward with her accusations.”

Nothing in the RWN story was false. The veracity of the lie detector test Ford took was questioned by the author, and there is nothing wrong with questioning something.

As noted in the title and story, it was an ex-FBI agent who said polygraph tests can be beaten. The author also stated her opinion that Ford’s credibility is “swiss cheese.” With no witnesses corroborating her story, and with the changes to what she could recall, it could definitely be said her testimony regarding Kavanaugh, and even she herself, is not credible.

Nothing false there. It would just depend on who you asked. Ford’s supporters will of course say she is credible, which is their opinion, also.

Both stories were published on my day off so I did not fact check them at the time. Regardless, there is nothing false about them as the NYT suggests. 

We at RTR Truth Media will be mailing this directly to the New York Times, to Facebook, and to our Federal and State representatives. Silencing people who ask questions and label them as progenitors of fake news, and now seeing real damage to their publication as a result, is unacceptable. Facebook in our opinion, has interfered with the flow of commerce, and violated the rights under the 1st Amendment of the freedom of the press, and quite possibly may be "interfering" in the election process. Facebook has on more than one occasion deleted posts by RTR regarding the campaign of Ryan Bundy for Nevada Governor. This is just scratching the surface as to our complaints.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video which exposes widespread mismanagement and possible campaign law violations associated with Governor Kate Brown. The undercover report features a former campaign manager for Brown, Michael Kolenc, candidly revealing the governor's misdeeds both in running her last campaign and in governing the state of Oregon.