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"Communist Soviet Era Penetration Operation" via "third party" country Israel.

Israel has always been a socialist Marxist state from day dot FOUNDED by Russian and Polish Communist/Zionist Jews. They are one in the same.

With over one million high level, highly educated Russians having immigrated post the collapse of the Soviet Union - who are in ALL the high places in government, technology and education - and most of them are proud Russians and not even "jewish", then we make the appropriate assumption - - - - Israel has FULL control of the United States. Therefore, Russia has full control of the United States.

  • Russian-speaking Jews who arrived over the past 20 years have integrated little, but influenced everything from culture to politics.
  • The million-plus citizens of the former Soviet Union who migrated to Israel in the past 20 years have not only made new lives of their own but they have transformed their adopted country. They have influenced the culture, hi-tech industry, language, education and, perhaps most significantly, Israeli politics.

  • The notion of the American government being infiltrated and substantially controlled by agents of a foreign power has been the stuff of endless Hollywood movies and television shows, but for various reasons such popular channels have never been employed to bring the true-life historical example to wide attention. I doubt if even one American in a hundred today is familiar with the name “Harry Dexter White” or dozens of similar agents.
  • Consider the fascinating perspective of the recently deceased Boris Berezovsky, once the most powerful of the Russian oligarchs and the puppet master behind President Boris Yeltsin during the late 1990s. After looting billions in national wealth and elevating Vladimir Putin to the presidency, he overreached himself and eventually went into exile. According to the New York Times, he had planned to transform Russia into a fake two-party state—one social-democratic and one neoconservative—in which heated public battles would be fought on divisive, symbolic issues, while behind the scenes both parties would actually be controlled by the same ruling elites. With the citizenry thus permanently divided and popular dissatisfaction safely channeled into meaningless dead-ends, Russia’s rulers could maintain unlimited wealth and power for themselves, with little threat to their reign. Given America’s history over the last couple of decades, perhaps we can guess where Berezovsky got his idea for such a clever political scheme.

Israel is a "technology juggernaught". All stolen from the US and others. Russia has a direct line into that technology. Elbit systems are servicing the F35, pulling it apart. They are ALL "Russian". Lockheed may as well have landed that technology in Red Square.

List of video's and more links below.

How Israel dominates the planets high technology sector.
VIMEO [Main Account] - https://vimeo.com/261809752
YOU TUBE [Backup Account] - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rYE9UgmVrfU#

1. How Russia China & Israel work together for the One Belt One Road Project.
2. How Israel steals US technology and passes on to China, Russia and Iran.
3. How this is impacting on the Middle East.
4. I ring Homeland Security to make a complaint about Jewish Zionist spying in America - it a good one hour watch.
VIMEO [Main Account] - https://vimeo.com/261811415
YOU TUBE [Backup Account] - https://youtu.be/U4ce3N1lAjg


Alex Jones states publicly Trump was recruited by US Army Intellignece to run for office. His regular high level guest Dr Steve Pieczenik - psychological warfare specialist for US State Department - admits this also. But who's army Intelligence? The US or Israel?
VIMEO  [Main Account] -  https://vimeo.com/261812891
YOU TUBE [Backup Account] - https://youtu.be/_Hmg9geOzM0

Brendon O'Connell's Vimeo Account

Greg and Jeremy give excellent analysis on their weekly show "The Antedote".

Trump announced sweeping new trade restrictions on China and made a big splash about stolen technology. There was a strong hint at attention now on Israel. Trump even dragged out Lockheed, maker of the F35 and got them to make a statement that they would not be losing any more technology.

Playlist - Israel Arming Enemies Of The USA - Stealing Technology - Costing Jobs

The American Awakening: Events leading to Brendon O’Connell arrest and experiences at his trial

The American Awakening: The Belt and Road Initiative… why do we hear nothing of it here in the U.S.?

The American Awakening: Israel’s Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program

The American Awakening: Israeli Drones World Wide (Not Limited To Flying Objects)

The American Awakening: Trump Is A Product Of Army Intelligence? It Goes Much Deeper Than That

Soviet Russian Penetration Of Israel And The United States.
The greatest spy story in history by KGB spymaster Vladimir, Putin

KGB Infiltrated Highest Echelons of Israel’s Army, Business, and Political Leadership

While sifting through the notes of a former KGB archivist in England, Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman realized that the Russian spy service’s penetration of Israel was far more extensive than previously known.
Despite the many successes of the Shin Bet in exposing spies, scores of Israelis in the political world, the military, and private industry spied for the Soviets for decades without ever being suspected, much less caught.

THe KGB In Israel

The KGB's Middle East Files: Palestinians in the service of Mother Russia
Secret KGB documents reveal just how deeply involved the Soviet Union was in the spilling of Israeli blood. The Russian spy agency provided Palestinian terror organizations with funds, training and arms, running agents like 'Krotov' - aka Mahmoud Abbas, 'Aref' - or Yasser Arafat, and 'Nationalist,' who was behind several plane hijackings long before 9/11.

The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby (The Kennedy's vs Soviet Lobby Via Israel)

The KGB's Middle East Files: An aliyah of agents
In 1992, Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist, defected to the West with a trove of top secret documents from the Soviet intelligence agency, which helped expose many Russian agents and assets in Israel and elsewhere. This series of articles explores these documents and brings to light the secrets they revealed. Part 5 of 5.

Will have it all together for you by Wednesday night your time.

Basic theme - Soviet long term strategic planning started in 197-1919 to infiltrate America via Israel. Also with direct Russian Jewish Bolshevik penetration immigration direct from Russia - Bronfmans etc...

One example, Mossad master spy, Russian Jewish immigrant to Palestine Rafi Eitan. Now retired in Cuba with vast company holdings. Friend of Castro. Dont worry...nothing to see here ;-)
Rafael "Rafi" Eitan (Hebrewרפי איתן‬; born 23 November 1926) is an Israeli politician and former intelligence officer. Today he leads Gil and is a former Minister of Pensioner Affairs. In the past, he was in charge of the Mossad operation that led to the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann. He served as an advisor on terrorism to Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and in 1981 he was appointed to head the Bureau of Scientific Relations, then an intelligence entity on par with MossadAman and Shabak. Eitan assumed responsibility for and resigned over the Jonathan Pollard affair, and the Bureau was disbanded. From 1985 until 1993, he was head of the government's Chemicals company, which was expanded under his leadership. After 1993, he became a businessman, noted for several large scale agricultural and construction ventures in Cuba.

Rafi Eitan is ALSO the man who stole...PROMIS. The software that links them all. The software that became PRISM with the NSA Snowden revealed. ALL "backdoored" after being stolen and modied by...Israel. Sans...Talpiot Program...

It gets deeper...

Putin is running Israel. Putin is running the US. The greatest Soviet era master spy plan in history.

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Socialism Begets Socialists - William Sullivan - with Commentary by Dan Bongino

Referencing recent polls and the popularity of Bernie Sanders among the youth, famed economist Walter E. Williams laments the signals that “young people prefer socialism to free market capitalism” in America.
The reason for this, he believes, “is a result of their ignorance and indoctrination during their school years, from kindergarten through college.  For the most part, neither they nor many of their teachers and professors know what free market capitalism is.” 
I have great admiration for Dr. Williams, but it struck me that this doesn’t paint a complete picture. 
First of all, the youth may not have a firm grasp on the virtues and benefits of a free market, but they certainly know what socialism is, economically speaking.  They know it involves the government engaging in the coerced seizure of wealth from some to provide for others.  They just really like that idea.
Secondly, while there is indeed an alarming lack of truthful instruction in schools and universities about socialism’s dark and murderous legacy that Dr. Williams later cites in the article (over 116 million deaths in the twentieth century alone), I find the conclusion that public-school teachers and college professors are to blame for the youth’s affinity for socialism far too convenient and simplistic an explanation.

Academia is generally the scapegoat we point toward when lamenting our indoctrinated leftist youth. But academia’s tendency to lionize socialism as virtue rather than an evil is not a new phenomenon, to be sure.  It’s been that way for many decades.  There must be something different in these youths’ experience today which might better explain this trend.
Herein lies the more troubling observation that we seem to prefer not to recognize.  Young people are being driven the arms of socialists not solely based upon what they’re being taught in the classroom, but by the example America has set before them.
There are two distinct components to this.

The welfare state, and the collapse of the nuclear family 

There can be no reasonable argument against the fact that our American welfare state is a practical manifestation of socialist economic principles.  It is the coercive seizure of property from taxpayers predicated upon a moral imperative that a government broker must seize and redistribute wealth to those who “need” it more. 

The welfare state is also an all-out assault upon the institution of marriage and the family.  This is because the welfare state is bolstered and grows by this cultivating greater “need” among constituents, and married couples with families “need” the welfare state less than single-parent families.  It should be noted that the data prove beyond a shadow of doubt that marriage promotes financial self-sufficiency.  And as Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation notes: “It is no accident that the collapse of marriage in America largely began with the War on Poverty and the proliferation of means-tested welfare programs that it fostered.” 
“Collapse” is an apt description of what has happened to the institution of marriage in America since LBJ’s crusade to destroy it began.  At just a cursory glance, the number of single-parent homes had increased from 9% in 1960 to 34% by 2013. 
Why?  It’s a simple matter of government-subsidized incentives.  “As means-tested benefits expanded,” continues Rector, “welfare began to serve as a substitute for a husband in the home, and low-income marriage began to disappear.”  As marriage is unquestionably a boon toward a family’s financial stability, this “created a destructive feedback loop: Welfare promoted the decline of marriage, which generated a need for more welfare.” 
Adding to this problem, the welfare state actually penalizes marriage among this demographic, which is in direr need of this financial stability that marriage can provide. “For example,” Rector goes on, “if a single mother who earns $20,000 per year marries a man who earns the same amount, the couple will typically lose about $12,000 per year in welfare benefits.  In effect, the welfare system makes it economically irrational for most low-income couples to marry.”

This was a destructive act against the American family, unquestionably.  The net effect of this government-approved economic prescription for low-income families is that a massively increasing number of Americans, the children of those households, are entering adulthood today with a sense of entitlement to enjoy the wealth that others have provided via hard work and industrial prowess. It is all entirely normal for them to collect this redistributed wealth, as it was normal for their parents. 

This has little to do with what they learned or didn’t learn in the classroom.  It has everything to do with the example that their parents set for them at home.  And it could be argued that their parents set that example because government officials we have elected throughout these past decades have continually incentivized them to do so.
How is it possible that we now wonder why so many among this expanding demographic prefer the idea of wealth redistribution, which is the central tenet of socialism, to the principles of a free market?
And this leads to the second, broader reason.

In the eyes of the youth, our government already practices “socialism”

Again, this isn’t a matter of the youth not understanding that coercive wealth redistribution is the central tenet of socialism.  It’s a simple matter of the youth observing the examples which are laid before them which America has created.
Interestingly, Dr. Williams notes this, but doesn’t seem to recognize that this might be a primary reason as to why so many youths subscribe to the tenets of socialism:
Tragically, two-thirds to three-quarters of the federal budget can be described as Congress taking the rightful earnings of one American to give to another American -- using one American to serve another.  Such acts include farm subsidies, business bailouts, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, and many other programs.
If up to three-quarters of the revenue that the government seizes from individuals is redistributed for the benefit of others, how is it justifiable to not classify our nation as a socialist state?  Like the child of the welfare home, American youths have simply observed that government taking wealth from some to provide for others is simply how the government legitimately works, because that is how the government has worked their entire lives, and for many decades before that. 
Yes, we can and should blame academia for dismissing the virtues of individual liberty enshrined in our Constitution, but what have we done in recent decades to protect and advance those virtues?  The question is the uncomfortable one, and it is why we prefer to simply blame the professors for indoctrinating our children.
We cannot roll back the legislative mistakes of the past overnight, and I fully understand that.  The only question we should ask ourselves is this: what can we do to constrain our federal government in the future from seizing rights which do not belong to it, according to our foundational social contract which was predicated upon the liberty of the individual above all things?
Perhaps our taking bold legislative strides away from socialism today will compel the culture, and our youth, away from socialism in the future.  Only then will we reverse what seems to be a rising tide of groomed socialists poised to swallow all of the ideas and virtues that once defined America.
William Sullivan blogs at Political Palaver and can be followed on Twitter

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/06/socialism_begets_socialists.html#ixzz5IBJxlIaD
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Something unprecedented is happening at the BILDERBERG meeting.

Aaron and Mellisa Dykes breaks the information down. 


Other remains have been found in the area where Veterans on Patrol says members found a human skull Thursday.
The article that follows my commentary is from a local Arizona newspaper. I am in Arizona and have spoken to former military spec ops who have reviewed the location found. I have also had personal experience with the VOP leader Louis Arthur. I commend the cause of assisting veterans who need it, but I must issue a warning regarding this man. While I fully believe Mr. Arthur is acting upon the appearance of a noble cause, my experience with his behavior at both the Bundy Ranch where he was asked by Militia Camp leaders to leave, and at Malheur where he also came and was immediately asked to leave, left me seriously concerned. Louis has a very bad habit of exaggerating and seeking self publicity. His given nickname is “Screwy Louie”. Perhaps some will think this is unfair. But it is factual. This was what people began calling him in Bunkerville.  When he packed and left from the Bundy Camp, he returned the next day with police alleging that the property he left behind was stolen, had tents searched and individuals forced to present ID to police. That situation in and of itself could have been explosive.  Our video of the incident of course was terminated off of YouTube. I fully support our veterans and the cause of their care. And in this case what was found needed to be reported. And I even agree that it should be searched with cadaver dogs. But what people also must understand is that in the Arizona desert the temperatures reach unlivable levels. The camp I saw including the plastic container I have seen in survival camps. With a home made swamp cooler or block of ice it can keep temperatures down. The straps attached to the tree is disturbing. But it is as of yet inconclusive as to their purpose. But let’s assume the worst. It is an abandoned camp. I would support the Arizona Militia patrolling to catch these coyotes in the act, but anyone considering heading there after the inflammatory talk we heard from Mr. Arthur challenging local police in what could have lead to a StandOff was yet more evidence of his lack of rational thought and tendencies to provoke. Fear porn gets attention. And while we all can not stand abuse to others regardless of where they came from or their illegal status, I ask that everyone use discernment before acting, and fact check everything before you react. 

As can be seen by the video, the claims that have come from Louis Arthur have been completely exaggerated, and mostly all false. 
This is a portion of the video I uploaded from Bundy Ranch. Since the YouTube purge my channel was terminated so thanks to those who have preserved our work.
The following is from the local paper - 
A local group that received national attention last week after claiming it found a child sex-trafficking camp near Interstate 19 said Thursday that members found a human skull northwest of Tucson.
Pima County sheriff’s deputies responded to the area and found a human skull, as well as old backpacks and other bones they determined were remains of animals, said Deputy James Allerton, a department spokesman.
(The skull in fact came from a location 20 miles away from this camp)
Veterans on Patrol, an advocacy group that looks for homeless veterans in washes and desert areas, reported the find to the Bureau of Land Management, which contacted the Sheriff’s Department, Allerton said.
The area where the skull was found Thursday is more than 20 miles from the homeless camp Veterans on Patrol found last week near the intersection of Interstate 19 and West Valencia Road.
Veterans on Patrol claimed the camp was the site of child sex-trafficking. However, the Tucson Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said they found no evidence of illegal activity.

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FEDERAL USURPATION - Resurrect the Republic - Free Range Report

As we have seen all across the Western States especially, a level of Federal Overreach that can no longer be denied by any sane person. Politicians, the people, even agents within the government itself are and have been crying out for a very long time to no avail. At what point does resistance become duty?

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A special Thank you to the Free Range Report. The links below are to just a few of the articles shared in this presentation along with many many more good articles.

First with a special thank you and shout out to the Free Range Report, ReDoubt News, and many others who have made reporting on these issues possible.

Justice Denied - Pendley Makes the Case for the Hammond's Presidential Pardon

Will BLM be Held Accountable for Suicides Linked to Military Style Raids?

Struggling Rural Utahns Take On global Environmental Goliath

Utah's Mike Noel Calls on Feds to Lay Off ALL BLM Law Enforcement Officers

Virginia Farmer Settles with Realtors who Colluded with Environmentalists to Take Her Land

Senator Lee Makes Abolishing Federal Law Enforcement a Major Election Issue

Federal Seizure of Powers NOT Granted by Congress Shouldn't Be Ignored

Federal Reservation System Perpetuates Racial Strife and Unwilling Slavery

Federal Agencies Dividing America with Race Based Policies

Illegals Crossing Border Leave Arizona Ranchers Fearing for Lives and Property

Utah Counties Defend Trump Monument Revisions in Court

Utah House Passes Resolution Exempting State from Future Land Grabs

US BLM Thugocracy Lives On in William Woody and Salvatore Lauro

Utah's Noel Introduces Bill Creating Review Process for Federal Designations

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Common sense, among those who work inside the State, is a rare commodity. Agents of the State, like those who work in law enforcement, often become so blinded to reality by ‘just doing my job’ they throw logic and reason to the wayside, choosing authority and force instead. Nothing highlights this blind order-following quite like police tormenting a two young boys for the crime of selling lemonade without a permit.
Jennifer Knowles, mother of three boys, wanted to instill a bit of entrepreneurial spirit in her sons over the Memorial Day weekend. So, Knowles and her husband decided they would have her four and six-year-old sons run a lemonade stand.
“We have never had a lemonade stand and the boys thought Memorial Day weekend is going to be great weather, so why not have a lemonade stand across the street in the park,” Knowles said.
Knowles told Denver 7 that she remembered having lemonade stands when she was a kid and she wanted her kids to do the same.
“I want to teach my kids about being an entrepreneur and having your own business. My 6-year-old got his little toy cash register out that he got when he was about two or three and he was learning how to interact with customers and about customer service,” Knowles said.
On top of teaching her children how to be entrepreneurs, Knowles said she wanted to teach them about giving to those less fortunate as well.
“We here are very fortunate and we forget that many kids in the world are not as fortunate as we are in Colorado or in the country, and so I wanted to teach them how to donate money to a charity,” Knowles said.
Knowles explained that her two sons picked a child in Indonesia to whom the proceeds from the lemonade stand would provide food and fresh water.
“They picked a little 5-year-old boy from Indonesia with siblings, two siblings, kind of like them,” she said.
The plan was set. The boys then set up their lemonade stand in the park across the street from their home and went to selling.
“They got a lot of people coming and praising the boys and telling them that they were doing a great job,” Knowles said. “That was so good for my boys to hear and for them to interact with people they’ve never met before in a business way.”
However, their good deed and entrepreneurial spirit would soon be squashed as police showed up just an hour and a half into their venture.
“The police officers came over and they said that because my boys and I did not have permits for a lemonade stand they shut us down and we had to stop immediately,” she said. “My boys were crushed. They were devastated. And I can’t believe that happened. I remember as a child I always had lemonade stands and never had to worry about being shut down by the police officers. I mean that’s unheard of.”
When her children saw the police coming toward them, they naturally got scared.
“My 6-year-old he saw the police officers coming over and he ran and he hid,” she said. “My 4-year-old came over and was looking at the police officer and heard what he was saying. He started to frown and then he started to cry. And it made me want to cry because they were so upset.”
Knowles explained that the police were nice but they were still shutting them down because someone had reported the children for selling unlicensed lemonade. In other words, they were just doing their jobs.
After being shut down for selling lemonade without a license, Knowles did some digging and found out that there is actually no law explicitly prohibiting lemonade stands. However, there were no laws explicitly permitting them either—meaning that these officers could’ve used their discretion and allowed the kids to continue selling, but they did not.
City officials, however, did say that they will shut down lemonade stands if they get a complaint.
“If our inspectors go to a lemonade stand, it means we’ve received a complaint, and generally complaints stem from high levels of activity or noise that disrupt neighbors,” Communications Program Manager Alexandra Foster told Denver7.
Sadly, Knowles has now felt the wrath of government regulation and issued a warning to other parents.
“I want parents know that they need to be aware that if their kids want to have a lemonade stand there could be repercussions like there with my kids,” Knowles said.
While Knowles’ children escaped without a fine, other children who’ve dared to sell the cool lemony goodness without a permit haven’t been so lucky.
As TFTP reported last year, a five-year-old girl was issued a citation after she set up a lemonade stand without first obtaining a permit.
In 2015, comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s son, Julian, and two friends set up a lemonade stand to raise money for a charity.
However, thanks to a see something say something neighbor, police were notified of the illegal lemonade venture. Hero officers then swooped in to shut down the stand, citing local village law violations.
After being shut down, Jerry and family posed for an epic pic, trolling both the police and the neighbor who would call the cops to shut down a charitable lemonade stand.
In Portland, Ore. an 11-year-old girl wanted to sell mistletoe from their farm at a holiday market to help her dad pay for her braces, which cost $5,000. But the Parks Bureau refused to let her set up without a permit, lease or concession agreement. She was told she could beg instead.
Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appearedFollow @MattAgorist on TwitterSteemit, and now onFacebook.