Monday, June 4, 2018

FEDERAL USURPATION - Resurrect the Republic - Free Range Report

As we have seen all across the Western States especially, a level of Federal Overreach that can no longer be denied by any sane person. Politicians, the people, even agents within the government itself are and have been crying out for a very long time to no avail. At what point does resistance become duty?

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A special Thank you to the Free Range Report. The links below are to just a few of the articles shared in this presentation along with many many more good articles.

First with a special thank you and shout out to the Free Range Report, ReDoubt News, and many others who have made reporting on these issues possible.

Justice Denied - Pendley Makes the Case for the Hammond's Presidential Pardon

Will BLM be Held Accountable for Suicides Linked to Military Style Raids?

Struggling Rural Utahns Take On global Environmental Goliath

Utah's Mike Noel Calls on Feds to Lay Off ALL BLM Law Enforcement Officers

Virginia Farmer Settles with Realtors who Colluded with Environmentalists to Take Her Land

Senator Lee Makes Abolishing Federal Law Enforcement a Major Election Issue

Federal Seizure of Powers NOT Granted by Congress Shouldn't Be Ignored

Federal Reservation System Perpetuates Racial Strife and Unwilling Slavery

Federal Agencies Dividing America with Race Based Policies

Illegals Crossing Border Leave Arizona Ranchers Fearing for Lives and Property

Utah Counties Defend Trump Monument Revisions in Court

Utah House Passes Resolution Exempting State from Future Land Grabs

US BLM Thugocracy Lives On in William Woody and Salvatore Lauro

Utah's Noel Introduces Bill Creating Review Process for Federal Designations

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