Friday, June 8, 2018


Other remains have been found in the area where Veterans on Patrol says members found a human skull Thursday.
The article that follows my commentary is from a local Arizona newspaper. I am in Arizona and have spoken to former military spec ops who have reviewed the location found. I have also had personal experience with the VOP leader Louis Arthur. I commend the cause of assisting veterans who need it, but I must issue a warning regarding this man. While I fully believe Mr. Arthur is acting upon the appearance of a noble cause, my experience with his behavior at both the Bundy Ranch where he was asked by Militia Camp leaders to leave, and at Malheur where he also came and was immediately asked to leave, left me seriously concerned. Louis has a very bad habit of exaggerating and seeking self publicity. His given nickname is “Screwy Louie”. Perhaps some will think this is unfair. But it is factual. This was what people began calling him in Bunkerville.  When he packed and left from the Bundy Camp, he returned the next day with police alleging that the property he left behind was stolen, had tents searched and individuals forced to present ID to police. That situation in and of itself could have been explosive.  Our video of the incident of course was terminated off of YouTube. I fully support our veterans and the cause of their care. And in this case what was found needed to be reported. And I even agree that it should be searched with cadaver dogs. But what people also must understand is that in the Arizona desert the temperatures reach unlivable levels. The camp I saw including the plastic container I have seen in survival camps. With a home made swamp cooler or block of ice it can keep temperatures down. The straps attached to the tree is disturbing. But it is as of yet inconclusive as to their purpose. But let’s assume the worst. It is an abandoned camp. I would support the Arizona Militia patrolling to catch these coyotes in the act, but anyone considering heading there after the inflammatory talk we heard from Mr. Arthur challenging local police in what could have lead to a StandOff was yet more evidence of his lack of rational thought and tendencies to provoke. Fear porn gets attention. And while we all can not stand abuse to others regardless of where they came from or their illegal status, I ask that everyone use discernment before acting, and fact check everything before you react. 

As can be seen by the video, the claims that have come from Louis Arthur have been completely exaggerated, and mostly all false. 
This is a portion of the video I uploaded from Bundy Ranch. Since the YouTube purge my channel was terminated so thanks to those who have preserved our work.
The following is from the local paper - 
A local group that received national attention last week after claiming it found a child sex-trafficking camp near Interstate 19 said Thursday that members found a human skull northwest of Tucson.
Pima County sheriff’s deputies responded to the area and found a human skull, as well as old backpacks and other bones they determined were remains of animals, said Deputy James Allerton, a department spokesman.
(The skull in fact came from a location 20 miles away from this camp)
Veterans on Patrol, an advocacy group that looks for homeless veterans in washes and desert areas, reported the find to the Bureau of Land Management, which contacted the Sheriff’s Department, Allerton said.
The area where the skull was found Thursday is more than 20 miles from the homeless camp Veterans on Patrol found last week near the intersection of Interstate 19 and West Valencia Road.
Veterans on Patrol claimed the camp was the site of child sex-trafficking. However, the Tucson Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said they found no evidence of illegal activity.

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