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Monday, August 10, 2020

Portland Mayor - Proving that Statism is a Mental Condition - Finally Worried About Optics ADMITS Rioters Attempted Murder NOT a Peaceful Protest

 In this clip from Fox News we hear what we never thought we would out of Portland Mayor whats-his face... finally admits the city aided and abetted a murderous gaggle. if tar and feathering were only still a thing.

 Is whats-his-face bad journalism, or rude? I wont give that rat bastard the time of day or second of fame here. so...yeah, Not really giving two COW PADDIES!

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Sunday, June 14, 2020


There has been something seriously bothering me as to the nature of the behavior of, and the complaints / demands made by the non-anarchists that the media wants you to believe are anarchists. For one anarchy implies “no rulers” not chaos. And as we see at least one example of an accepted rapper tuned militant overlord patrolling and punishing folks, that isn't exactly a "no rulers" situation. The people there seem as though they are more accurately described nihilists. But any idea that government is not needed (anarchy) is always doomed to be a target of authoritarianism. Not only are these not anarchists as the following stellar presentation from Grace of the ReallyGraceful channel will point out, among their list of demands you will not find any of the following;
- and end to Capitalism
- end to the largest funding of American dollars to the State of Israel while small businesses here go under to be replaced with loans being granted in true Marxist form to “marginalized people”.

- an END to the Federal Reserve 

Well it was no shock to me a glaring issue that Grace points out, that this zone was in fact created and or assisted by members of the Seattle government.   All roads these days seem to connect back to Gates and the Federal Reserves oligarchs. Please feel free to comment here or in the comment section of Grace’s video. And tell her RTR sent ya! 

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Many smears and slogans were used to terrorize Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Among them was that he was "responsible to contributing to the epidemic of deaths of Trans women which we at RTR Truth Media completely smashed as bald faced lies in several reports that can be found by clicking TRANSGENDER MURDER EPIDEMIC CLAIMS DEBUNKED COMPLETELY.

Im not going to bother with all the other nonsense. The above link should tell of their lack of credibility and complete and total dishonesty.

This is merely one of the dishonest lies of the leftist mob "actual" fascistic behavior. Welcome to the USSA with these mentally deranged liars.

FOX News:

Mob chants threats outside Tucker Carlson's D.C. home

A self-described left-wing Antifa group posted videos of a mob outside the Washington, D.C., home of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, chanting, 'Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.'

A self-described left-wing Antifa group posted videos of a mob outside the Washington, D.C., home of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, chanting, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.”

The now-deleted video was posted on social media by Smash Racism, D.C. The same group made headlines in September after activists confronted Sen.Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife inside a restaurant during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The group posted on Facebook that Carlson spreads "fear into our homes," and said it wanted to even the score.

"Each night you remind us that we are not safe. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either," the group posted. They also chanted, "Racist s---bag, leave town."

The post was later removed.

Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," was not home at the time. He said his wife, Susie, was home alone and heard the commotion from the kitchen. She called the police and locked herself into a pantry, he said. His brother -- who lives close by -- arrived about the same time as law enforcement.

The host said activists rang his doorbell, broke his oak door and one protester was apparently caught on security video mentioning a pipe bomb.

D.C. police did not immediately respond to a Fox News email early Thursday.

Carlson said he was at the Fox News office in Washington working on his opening monologue when neighbors texted him about the commotion outside his home. His wife of 22 years did not contact him because she didn’t want to distract him before he went on air, he said.

The group eventually scattered. It was unclear if there were any arrests. Carlson said the group posted online the home addresses of his brother and his former college roommate, Neil Patel, who co-founded the Daily Caller with Carlson.

Carlson said he is used to being confronted in public and has no interest in playing the role of victim, but he said his wife and his four children should not have to be exposed to the aggression while at home.

“Here’s the problem, I have four children,” he said by phone. “I never thought twice about leaving them home alone, but this is the reaction because this group doesn’t like my TV show.”

Twitter reportedly removed a photo of Carlson’s home address that was posted by the group. Smash Racism DC's account was suspended early Thursday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

According to Leftist Professors Calls for Civility by Conservatives is RACIST

The Left is doing everything it can to stifle legitimate political debate so that there will be no other way to solve differences and disagreements over issues except through violence.

The latest example of this comes from a New York University professor who has claimed that “calls for civility” in our political discourse “are just a power play by those who feel that white supremacy is under threat.”

A pretty uninformed statement when you consider that whites are still, by far, the dominant ethnic group in America.
Nevertheless, as reported by Campus Reform, Simran Jeet Singh, a Henry R. Luce Post-Doctoral Fellow for Religion in International Affairs at the university’s Center for Religion and Media, made his ridiculous statement in a series of recent tweets in what was likely a response to calls for civility following crank Rep. Maxine Waters’ pleas with supporters to physically confront Trump administration officials because “they’re not welcome anywhere anymore.”
And for the record, Singh — an Asian-American with ties to India — is currently doing a post-doctoral fellowship under the name of a white American magazine magnate; Luce is the creator of the Time-Life magazine empire. Apparently, his hypocrisy is boundless.
Campus Reform noted further that Singh self-describes as an “anti-racist activist.” In the first tweet thread, he claimed that “lecturing people of color about civility in this climate is an ultimate sign of privilege.”
There’s more.

Whites are tired of being told they’re all racists

“If you don’t know what it’s like to fight for your life every single day, then it might not be your place to tell us how to fight personal and systemic racism,” he said, adding that “they mobilize and run these dehumanizing racist systems — and then they ask us to be more civil?” 
Singh went on to say that Europeans often described those they “colonized” as being “uncivil” and backward. Therefore, the concept of “civility” must be rooted in “whiteness” and “European colonialism.”
It should be noted as well that America didn’t “colonize” his family’s native country of India; that would be Great Britain. But what do facts and details matter when you’re doing “activism?”
And what about that claim of having to “fight every single day” for his life? Is that accurate? Does Dr. Singh really have to do that in far-Left New York, where ethnic minorities flourish as does tolerant, accepting progressivism? That seems a bit hyperbolic. (Related: MSNBC sticking with homophobic racialist Joy Reid.)
Why Singh has to attach a racial connotation to simple calls for people to tone down their divisive, inflammatory rhetoric in what can only be described as an extreme, hyper-partisan political environment, is a mystery. If Maxine Waters had been white and we called for civility, would that be white privilege compounded or just plain common sense?
We’re confused because one day we’re being told that white people are too violent and responsible for all the mass murders, then the next day we see whites being tut-tutted for trying to tamp down violence. 
Maybe white people are getting so uptight with Left-wing minorities because they’re sick and tired of Left-wing minorities accusing them of being racists…for everything they do and say.
“Activists” like Singh aren’t “anti-racist” campaigners they are racialist hacks with a chip on their shoulder who see an opportunity to lash out at whites for injustices, real and perceived. In other words, they’re dishing out the very same treatment to whites they claim to hate, to be against, and to have been victimized by. They’re giant hypocrites, but they hide behind their skin color and pretend that there’s no way they could ever be racists in a white-dominated country.
But they are. And it’s gotten way old.
Read more news about ridiculous “speech police” at
J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.
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