Thursday, February 11, 2021


You just can’t make this stuff up. As the nation has been turned upside down in the aftermath of the 2020 election, the Trump camp has been adamant that there was election fraud committed. 

        While I have been extremely critical of the Trump administration ever since “take the guns first, worry about due process later”, red flag “extreme risk protection orders” complete violation of Constitutional prohibitions placed upon government, even I could clearly see the obvious agenda playing out. And those of us who called it out or called the most vile names. And even worse those people that took the capital, the real sad part of this, is that they were right. They were not the ones guilty of insurrection. In fact when anyone within the government or factions thereof or any portion of the governed within undermines the election, it is the duty and obligation of every able bodied US Citizen to defend it.  That is what US Citizens pledge by taking part in that corporate body politic.    And while I watch the main stream media tow the line of big corporations and social media companies, while I’ve watched politicians also impeach Trump, actually having the audacity to impeach the 45th President of the United States for allegedly inciting insurrection or some politicians would say inciting the erection, after watching many of the same accusers in actuality call for violence against Trumps supporters for the past several years, according to Time magazine, it is in reality the exact opposite. 

      We have witnessed what Time magazine refers to openly as an actual conspiracy to disenfranchise those who took to the polls and thought their voice mattered. In a blatant admission the Times reporter, feeling so self righteous and brazen, the entire crime is revealed. So much for that impeachment. If this article does not result in indictments and for the real actual winner to be rightfully exhonorated and restored, than the US INC is just another victim of a hostile corporate takeover. And remember - I am neither a Trump supporter, Q cult follower,  or a Republican. I consider myself a free thinking American citizen of the Republic of Arizona, which is my nation, which is a member of the Union. But I long ago freed myself of the left right controlled paradigm and cult of statism. My observations are based on Constitutional jurisprudence, fact, and truth. 

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