Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I have long been a supporter of "Constitutional Sheriffs".  That being said the truth is that most all of them are still under the effects of mass mind control of authoritarianism and conditioning. The Soviet term for this is called "active measures"/ and while the Soviet Union and World Communist Movement have had a large effect on domestic policies, it truly began here from the agents of the Crown on down to corrupt power hungry political parasites. I am also in full agreement with Brian Young on this issue. As you will see in the video the good Sheriff has finally realized that unconstitutional laws are passed. The only problem is that it took the extreme case scenario of guns to wake him from his slumber. Truth be told the Federal as well as state governments have since at least the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War) been enacting and enforcing UN Constitutional laws. Having to get "permission" as well as be subject to having permission revoked for traveling, fishing, hunting, how you keep your yard or the speech you stand upon to express yourself... i.e. "hate laws". We have traveled down so many slippery slopes that its hard to tell if any government ever got it right consistently. Sure there are pockets of America such as Athens Tennessee that saw veterans arming themselves to protect an election from a corrupt Sheriff. They surrounded the Sheriffs Office and filled it full of lead until they surrendered the ballot box.  Today we see creeping ommunitarianism, collectivism, and the fusion of corporate fascism and communism. The only "ism" we are supposed to have is "individualism", the greatest minority is that of one.

No victim... no crime.

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