Saturday, February 29, 2020


 I have long pointed out the hypocritical policies of YouTube, but in comparison to the latest insanity in Silicon Valley, that was nothing compared to this. An unlisted, uncirculated video that contained no commentary by the uploader and just some stock 911 footage and music. The video was deemed by Google, (YouTube) to be "hate speech". 

Question: How does one flag a video, be offended by it, or otherwise have reason to complain...
      WHEN THE VIDEO IS NOT EVEN IN VIEWABLE CIRCULATION? When the video is not even public?
Even by most Marxists' definition of "hate speech", as unAmerican and Bolshevik style in nature that this thought police concept is, the uploaded video comes nowhere near violating even that insane concept definition in reality, and in fact, it defames the content creator. YES. I am referring to myself.  They terminated my main channel with years of work and after creating a marketable audience (even though claiming my material was not marketable) but I had a few other channels for a variety of different purposes. I never intended on using them as a way to beat censorship when they were created. This latest wae of censorship must be met with litigation and prosecution. It is called defamation and is economic terrorism via the targeting of political ideology.

This is the same Googler that at least as if they are not still, taking military contract work paid for by taxpayers. I don't know if they are aware of it or not but after working for a private company that installed bullet and blast-proof glass at Federal courthouses and military bases, I can tell you that the company I worked for had to comply with certain guidelines regarding rights. I believe the time has come to fight back. This absolutely ridiculously blatant act comes after one other was set to expire. I did an interview with Wolfgang Halbig of Sandy Hook and Alex Jone's fame. We discussed nothing about the kids or the event of Sandy Hook, in fact, I really had him on to talk about the suit against he and Alex Jones as well as the fact that it was he who alleged that he sold the school Emergency plan to Marjory Stoneman Douglass High and more in Broward County. That is called NEWS. I never disparaged anyone. I never bullied anyone or advocated for anyone to bother anyone else. Yet in a blatant and total lie that is exactly what YouTube accused me of. I for one and sick of this corporation bullying folk who have a different outlook than they do. Because at best, that is 3xactly what they have become. BULLIES and ECONOMIC TERRORISTS. Those of us who have built our channels before they decided to go nuts should not have what equates to our own homegrown businesses destroyed by social engineering corporations.

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