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The Important Elected Office this November is Not President, it’s for your Local Sheriff! « Independent American Party – Official

The Important Elected Office this November is Not President, it’s for your Local Sheriff! « Independent American Party – Official


Folks, we always knew things were getting bad. Everyone who is so proud of their country also better be proud enough to accept Corporate Fascism and the spying on us through venues we never really look for or know. Utility and communications companies. Private corporations that do not wear the insignia nor identity of the government. Would your local Sheriff employ such tactics to spy on all of us. Some say that the so called occupies should have been spied on. The problem is not what you believe with or about that. The problem is "by whom and under what authority". I hope everyone is all warm and fuzzy over the TPP. Because this is a little look inside as to "everyone might just get what we tried to stop" kind of time.     Here is where we can see that our failure to stop this coming back to bite us in the butt.     Anyone comfortable with what LaVoy uncovered, needs a special apartment in North Korea. I do not care how far technology has advanced, nor the excuses given to justify and warrant it. And armed American public can protect our Union, better than all of the "eyes in the sky" combined. We are the government. That is what I was raised to believe. Well, "we are not these corporations", so how are we then "the government", if we do not have any say with how we are spied upon?

Those behind this need to be tossed !     This is disgusting, and treason against the American people. Our framers would be sickened .    There is not one person that with a straight face could tell me that they would have accepted any of this.  And that is my test whenever I look at something related to government.      "What would Patrick Henry say"?     

If the answer to that question is......he would go get rope, we stand against it.
Read the revelation below and see what your government has been doing without your knowledge. Then tell me how proud you are of a Corporation !

Last night, a video came out showing the Malheur Occupiers carefully removing surveillance cameras that were installed on utility poles near an electric substation. There were two locations for cameras probably one pointed at the road and one pointed towards the substation.    Those devices are components of the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid is a computerized control system that is being built over the top of our electric grid.


Notice on the box, it says SCADA. SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition device. SCADA systems are the interface devices between hardware and software systems.



But the Malheur Occupiers were not entirely correct in thinking this was a government installation. It was a utility company installation but that’s kind of a distinction without a difference because the government and utility companies have a “public-private partnership” for surveillance of the citizenry as well as the electric transmission grid. Public-private partnership is just a warm and fuzzy way to say Fascist. General Benito Mussolini is said to have described fascism this way:

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is a merger of state and corporate power”.

There couldn’t be a more clear example of a merger of state and corporate power than the Smart Grid. Below is a graphic of the systems feeding into command and control central – a Fusion Center. You’ll notice on the right, the EOC includes the utility systems.


        Click to enlarge

Fusion Centers are collection and command and control centers.  At the national level, the Total Information Awareness System (TIA) brought to you by DARPA (ARPA or whatever the hell they are calling themselves now) is the “System of Systems” that was designed to provide government access to the data in all of the systems in the above graphic. Collectively, the systems above are the dreams come true for the STASI, KGB, SAVAK, etc. Once these systems are all in place, you won’t be able to scratch your nose without it being recorded and the appropriate authorities notified.


Ironically, the technology for these systems was the result of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Act of 1993. Since there was no longer a threat from the Soviet Union, the DOD contractors were re-purposed to develop technologies for peaceful use. The systems above and system below were some of the systems they came up with.


                                        NAFTA Superhighway Memory Hole

The “peaceful use” was to turn the American people into the enemy and our civilian landscape into the battlespace because you can’t retrain a wolf to be a sheep dog.  Surveillance cameras everywhere are components of Total Domain Awareness which is the location component of Total Information Awareness.


       Click to enlarge

Military Data Fusion Center


Lockheed - Insights Volume 3, Number 2, 2006, Page 8

                   Lockheed – Insights Volume 3, Number 2, 2006, Page 8


Civilian Data Fusion Center

Point, Click and Disable Your Breaks



The systems are the same. The only thing that’s different is that the guy at the civilian console doesn’t wear a uniform – yet.

Human ID at a Distance

Smart Meters attached to Smart Grid

The objective of the Smart Grid is to be able to control our electric infrastructure which includes the electricity usage in our homes using the Smart Meter control device.   Our electric usage provides a data map of our daily activities within the walls of our homes and ultimately, it will allow the utility company to control the electric devices in our homes. The utility company of course, says they won’t do that, but they are liars as a retrospective analysis of my smart meter case will prove.

When Idaho Power first tried to install this surveillance and control device on my home, I did not give my permission. I filed a complaint with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and went through the process for what ultimately became a meaningless exercise because Idaho Power simply brought a Deputy Sheriff to my home to intimidate me while they illegally installed the smart meter surveillance and control device over my objections. I pursued the complaint to the point of next step being a hearing in front of the Idaho Supreme Court but because I didn’t have a lawyer, I thought it best not to poison the well by allowing them to set a precedent based on my incompetence as a lawyer in a court of law.

Regulatory Structure

A significant amount of the research that I’ve done on the systems of the Technocratic Tyranny included the deregulation of our utilities and the establishment of a “self-regulatory” structure that is NOT American.   I used the Brain software to map the organizational structure but unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to keep online access to it available so I’m using screen prints of the structure instead. I won’t go through all of it – just enough for you to see who is really controlling the electric transmission grid and smart grid.


High Level Organizational Structure


Click to enlarge

FERC – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas, and oil.


         Click to enlarge

NERC – North American Electric Reliability Corporation

“The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a not-for-profit international regulatory authority whose mission is to assure the reliability of the bulk power system in North America. NERC develops and enforces Reliability Standards; annually assesses seasonal and long‐term reliability; monitors the bulk power system through system awareness; and educates, trains, and certifies industry personnel. NERC’s area of responsibility spans the continental United States, Canada, and the northern portion of Baja California, Mexico. NERC is the electric reliability organization (ERO) for North America, subject to oversight by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and governmental authorities in Canada. NERC’s jurisdiction includes users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system, which serves more than 334 million people.”

utility_ Nerc

Click to enlarge


You’ll notice that the description above says that NERC is subject to the oversight of FERC. Baloney. That’s not how the dynamics of organizational control works. NERC develops and enforces regulations for the transmission grid and they are in control of the regional command and control centers for the  transmission grid so NERC is the regulatory organization and FERC is subservient to NERC.   And NERC is NOT an American organization and it is not a government organization so what’s been done here is that a key component of our critical infrastructure has been turned over to a private organization that is not even American. In my book, that’s treason.

One other thing – smart meters were designed to monitor inputs of electricity (renewable energy) to the electric grid as well as outputs (usage of electricity). Because of that, smart meters are a component of the electric transmission grid subject to the regulatory control of NERC despite the fact that electric service to residential consumers is part of the electric distribution system theoretically under state regulatory authority. When we start having brown-outs due to electricity “shortages”, it will be due to the regulatory authority of NERC – not FERC.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, what the Occupiers of Malheur did is a far greater service for the American people than they even knew. By the removal of those surveillance cameras, they provided the opportunity for me to explain at least partially why I don’t believe that we have an American government at the federal level anymore. Governing authority has been transferred to non-governmental, North American and/or United Nations Organizations.  Our only hope of reclaiming the Republic with an American government for the American people is to begin by reclaiming local government at the county level where we still have a lawful, Constitutional structure from which to rebuild.

Thank You Occupiers!   You are true American Patriots!

Vicky Davis

Monday, February 15, 2016


          The term Sovereign Citizen is a contrived term utilized to...
Posted by Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart on Monday, February 15, 2016

Some refer to themselves as "Sovereign Citizens. Unfortunately for most of them this is due to the fact that they have only discovered and believe they have all the answers to the fraud that was committed when the 14th Amendment was forced after 11 States delegates were forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment at gunpoint.  The term say the law enforcement memorandums, do not believe that the law applies to them. This is not only dangerous to misinform people with, but the argument that many Constitutional Historians are arguing is NOT that the law does not apply to them, merely laws derived from these many UnConstitutional usurpations and it is our Founders who said that any UnConstitutional law is null. This suggests that they were very well aware that there would be laws passed in the future that would be against the Constitution.

In fact, they all but told us that this is exactly what would happen if we allowed certain things to happen such as this warning.....

and this warning.......

....and that got J.F.K. killed. The truth about the Birth Certificate, a debt instrument, that pledged us as biological property of the Federal Reserve and the creation of the Federal Reserve Act unlawfully by the International bankers themselves which below, you will find G.Edward Griffitn explain it in detail. We must learn to listen from those who know.....

oh, and this message.....

oh yeah......and this....

The Reconstruction was then alleged to bring the 11 former rebel states back into compliance. Historically speaking that may sell now, but then, it was 2 years after they had already convened replaced lawful governments according to the President. But a rogue Secretary of State denied to many of the NON SOUTHERN STATES their due suffrage. This was confirmed by our research which contradicts the official record. The record is clear. The International bankers as they would do again in the future, cleverly created the 14th. 2 years prior Congress altered or changed the definitions of 2 words. PERSON and CITIZEN to be redefined to also include CORPORATION......hence CORPORATE PERSONHOOD was CREATED. Most liberals really have no idea that it was created then because they drool over the Administrative State the 14th created UnConstitutionally. It created a Communist style Citizenship. It took the future 10 mile square, again, before the fact which is backwards as to keep the public from being the wiser. But some legislators got it. One such state....mine of NJ, and another just of the top was OREGON. The 14th Amendment jurisdiction is what every alphabet soup agency uses. As I said, it took the 10 Mile square and placed it everywhere, or more accurately it took every US CITIZEN by their own consent as they are made US CITIZENS at birth when your parents consent to contract for you which is another fraud, via the Birth Certificate, when a legal fiction or corporate fiction is made in your name at that time. Colonel Mandell House and Woodrow Wilson were the leaders of this effort, a fact that made Woodrow Wilson very sad toward the end of his life as he expressed. From this, it paved the way for the future Federal Reserve Act, the Bankruptcy in 1933 that the so called Sovereign Citizen Document circulated by Fusion Centers states that Sovereign Citizens "BELIEVE" that the US went they even know our own history to make one of the historical facts as a warning that you might be dealing with a SC? Also the report states that most Sovereign Citizens are absolutely non violent. As with every other group there are always idiots in the crowd, so why does a primarily peaceful group of people who know the truth about our history need to be included as the number 1 threat ? TRUTH thats why. they saw the banks collapse of the Fiat currency..... they know and have known the truth is rising, and this in my opinion is their attempt to get ahead of it Critical Theory style. Anyone .....anytime, who wants to challenge our FACTS......I openly will debate them on the air without cutting them off and with giving them a chance to send me whatever documentation they have that is of the period and not just regurgitated government approved yext books......I mean PERIOD DOCUMENTS .....I can prove this fraud through and through. It is a peaceful and easy remedy. They do not have to vacate....all they need to do is assume their Constitutional duty, and once and for all tell the truth I will NOT hold my breath. And I have tried the ballot box, which is another trap if you sign anything admitting to US 14th AMendment Commu/Fascist Citizenship. Your nation is your state. Our founders called France a state, Germany a when you think of your STATE and you do not think have been indoctrinated by a Communist mindset and did not even know it. Time for truth America. We are all Americans....but there is NO COUNTRY called the United States. There is a Union, a Corporation....and even a nation by definition, but your sovereign country is again....your independent SOVEREIGN STATE Your citizenship is of your state Constitutionally. Even some of the framers who knew this agenda referred to the United States as a Country. But none of the Anti~Federalists did. They knew what time it was and they as I do today, as Patrick Henry stated.... "I smell a rat".

OUR RESEARCH and EVIDENCE on the 14th Amendment

History of the Creation of the Federal Reserve that so called Sovereign Citizens "BELIEVE".


The portion of the earth's surface occupied by an independent nation or people; or the inhabitants of such territory. In its primary meaning "country" signifies "place;" and. in a larger sense, the territory or dominions occupied by a community ; or even waste and unpeopled sections or regions of the earth. But its metaphorical meaning is no less definite and well understood; and in common parlance, in historical and geographical writings, in diplomacy, legislation, treaties, and international codes, the word is employed to denote the population, the nation, the state, or the government, having possession and dominion over a territory. Stairs v. Peaslee. 18 How. 521, 15 L. Ed. 474; U. S. v. Recorder, 1 Blatchf. 218. 225, 5 N. Y. Leg. Obs. 280, Fed. Cas. No. 16,129. In pleading and practice. The inhabitants of a district from which a jury is to be summoned ; pais ; a jury. 3 Bl. Comm. 349; Steph. PL 73, 78, 230.


body politic, or society of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage, by the joint efforts of their combined strength. Cooley, Const. Lim. 1. One of the component commonwealths or states of the United States of America. The people of a state, in their collective capacity, considered as the party wronged by a criminal deed; the public; as in the title of a cause. "The State vs. A. B." The section of territory occupied by one of the United States.


A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty. See Montoya v. U. S., 180 U. S. 201, 21 Sup. Ct 358, 45 L. Ed. 521; Worcester v. Georgia, 6 Pet. 539, 8 L. Ed. 483; Republic of Honduras v. Soto, 112 N. Y. 310, 19 N. E. 845, 2 L. R. A. 042, 8 Am. St. Rep. 744. Besides the element of autonomy or self-government, that is, the independence of the community as a whole from the interference of any foreign power in its affairs or any subjection to such power, it is further necessary to the constitution of a nation that it should be an organized jural society, that is, both governing its own members by regular laws, and defining and protecting their rights, and respecting the rights and duties which attach to it as a constituent member of the family of nations. Such a society, says Vattel, has her affairs and her interests ; she deliberates and takes resolutions in common; thus becoming a moral person, who possesses an understanding and will peculiar to herself, and is susceptible of obligations and rights. Vattel.


In constitutional law. A term commonly used to express a league or compact between two or more states.In American lawBelonging to the general government or union of the states.Founded on or organized under the constitution or laws of the United States.The united States has been generally styled, in American political and judicial writings, a "federal government." The term has not been imposed by any specific constitutional authority. but only expresses the general sense and opinion upon the nature of the form of government. In recent years, there is observable a disposition to employ the term "national" in speaking of the government of the Union. Neither word settles anything as to the nature or powers of the government. "Federal" is somewhat more appropriate if the government is considered a union of the states; "national" is preferable if the view is adopted that the state governments and the Union are two distinct systems, each established by the people directly, one for local and the other for national purposes. See United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U. S.


In English poor-law. A union consists of two or more parishes which have been consolidated for the better administration of the poor-law therein. In ecclesiastical law. A union consists of two or more benefices which have been united into one benefice.  In publio law. A popular term in America for the United States; also, in Great Britain, for the consolidated governments of England and Scotland, or for the political tie between Great Britain and Ireland. In Scotch law. A "clause of union" is a clause in a feoffment by which two estates, separated or not adjacent, are united as one, for the purpose of making a single seisin suffice for both.

Law Dictionary: What is UNION? definition of UNION (Black's Law Dictionary) 
Law Dictionary: What is FEDERAL? definition of FEDERAL (Black's Law Dictionary) Law Dictionary: What is NATION? definition of NATION (Black's Law Dictionary) Law Dictionary: What is STATE, n? definition of STATE, n (Black's Law Dictionary) Law Dictionary: What is COUNTRY? definition of COUNTRY (Black's Law Dictionary) 

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Lee Rice Reporting from Harney County Burns Oregon has recorded a Martial Force in Burns Oregon...

Read description of this video as "Martial Law" comes with curfews and suspension of civil liberties. We have no reports of this as of yet, but an over reactionary force has been reported. Burns residents are being stopped and identified, in many cases searched.

Biometrics systems are reported by a local resident taxpayer's son. Residents are being placed in a state of complete FEAR.....not allowing the people to move about freely. Business owners have been reported to have shut down. This kind of intimidation to place pressure on any community that would dare to allow corruption to be stood against and revealed is GOING ON. bad enough.

RTR TRUTH MEDIA ~ for the Oregon/Hammond Support ~ documented evidence of Constitutional Usurpation by the Reconstructed Replacement Corporate Fascist/Communist Government

Thomas Lacovara,  Bruce Ray Riggs & Lorri Anderson 
are the hosts of the 
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Editor in Chief of the Patriot News Release & RTR Truth Media RTR NEWS,  Tom, Bruce, & Lorri are heard on the 
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§ 107 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use’ It meets the guidelines of any and all copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. , this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes, and or news reporting and opinion editorials, critique or professional analysis.

Bundy Ranch, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Bundy Regulators, Bundy Law Men, Constitutional Sheriff, Committee of Safety, Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, Original 13th Amendment, 14th UnConstitutional Amendment, T.O.N.A. Amendment, Titles of Nobility, Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Common Law, Common Law Grand Jury, De Jure, De facto

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Tom Lacovara Stewart
Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam 
TRUTH Radio Broadcast
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Tom Lacovara Stewart

A sad day it is when what we have to report is an interstate Fusion Center Warning to Law Enforcement that Domestic Extremists called Sovereign Citizens would be moving en masse to go to the funeral of Robert LaVoy Finicum. There seems to be nothing sacred that the Progressive powers that be will not stain, propagandize or use to not only create a culture of fear and apprehension among law enforcement, but to also make a bunch of very Christian Patriots feel not even safe to attend a funeral. It is disgusting and the narrative must be taken back from those who use every oopertunity for political gain and to create fear when there need not be any. Sovereign Citizen.....the fake created word that contradicts itself. I wonder if the agent who invented the term even knows that it is an oxymoron. Only God is Sovereign. What they are referring to is State sovereignty. But they can not do that. Because if they did do that then people would learn that they are not, we are not anti government at all. Just anti big nanny state government, but to supposrt and defend the Constitution means we are the rightful government. They are the servants. They apparently did not get the memos or documents, or writings from our Founders that we have. 

We have seen and heard all pf the rhetoric regarding the oxymoron called Sovereign Citizens. What the official word is, is that those who subscribe to this so called "ideology" believe that the law does not apply to them, and that they are not dor the most part a direct threat to law enforcement, but that they "can be", so that justifies an ultra paranoia that ramps up law endorcement which has already been trained by many more Progressive lead departments and Obama Administration agencies to handle "these people" with extreme caution. This means 9 times out of 10, instead of a normal traffic stop, they employ felony stop tactics, taking the so called "beliefs" of these individuals (not assuming any of these beliefs are actually based on historical facts as they primarily are) and actually completely justifying the feeling that the American police 
industrial complex has become a militant stading army that would likely have made our Founding Fathers sick to see of they were able. 

Some of these so called "beliefs" is that the united States went bankrupt in 1933. 
Yes, you got that right. 
They are actually using historical facts as though the facts themselves were unreal propaganda. The scary part should be here that we see truth being used as if it was merely a "belief" or ideology, rather than exactly what it is, which is calling the corrupt Federal Government out for being exactly what it has become. What the Federal Government became in 1868, is a Commu/Fascistic hybrid with the forced implementation of the 14th Amendment. I have documented evidence from several states Houses of Representatives proving this to be the case. Yet these facts are called "beliefs" and those so called beliefs are stated as if they were some vast right wing Conspiracy theory, when many NeoConservatives also look at these individuals who know the
 truth and see them as the enemy.

What we are really experiencing folks, is the mass awakening of the public, who are realizing that we have been being lied to for a very long time. Many men have come forward in time to try and tell us that this was happening, but they too were smeared by the machine which is the American corrupt political establishment.    Ron Paul stickers and banners at one point were used as examples of spotting "extremists". 

This Federal and many State and local governments who accept federal money, federal toys like fully tricked out MRAP antti personell armored vehicles seen on California streets actually performing normal traffic stops on a few occasions, have been more and more being trained to stand against normal American people. Targets by one company portraying mothers holding their child with a gun, grandpop with a gun, normal looking every day American people armed as practicing targets for the Department of Homeland Gestapo In-Security. In fact, my view of the DHS most probably has me on some watch list in and of itself. The fact that I attended both the Bundy Ranch and the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve protest renamed I think very well as the Harney County Resource Center, to cover both events from the Conservative Christian perspective, will certainly have me on some Federal watch list. 

And only confirming the paranoia or the guilty conscienses of the political elite establishment, is now the fact that they seek to keep people from their 2nd Amendment restriction upon government to absolutely not infringe on said rights, to do exactly that, and without the slightest bit of due process. Again, only justifying all of the fears of the people. And a famous man once said.....
    "When the people fear the government, you have tyranny.......when the government fears the people, you have liberty".
Well the government bureaucrats know that they have a very very strong standing army. Actually many individual standing armies. And they know that most Americans will not rise up until there is a major calamity afoot. So they may act afraid, but they are continuously moving against the will of the people and infringing on the very rights they were bound to be restrained from infringing upon.

Bruce Ray Riggs, Lorri Anderson and myself have all independently researched "and all come to the absolutely same conclusions", after finding many of the same documents in the government's own archives, that proves beyond any reasonable doubt once they are all assembled.....the following

In 1810 an awakening happened and an Amendment was proposed and it in fact passed as was ratified into law. Immediately following this, Rothschild rumored to be behind it, saw the British Army, whom we supposedly already fully beat (contrary to actual historical evidence it was not as black and white as it was an ongoing continuous struggle) come into Washington DC and burn down all evidence of this ratified amendment as if the only place the copies would be kept was in Washington D.C.

Apparently someone never gave them the memo that we had already formed independent and sovereign States that had their own archives. That is exactly where we found the Virginia Revised acode ordered booked and published as the ratified Law of the Land. The Original 13th Amendment prevents foreign influence and dual citizenships, or special interests to gift, give, give present to, or allow any foreign association that individuals have to allow them State citizenship, and prohibited any of them from holding the office of public trust for obvious reasons. What a splendid idea. What it also would have put a stop to had it not been sabotaged, was the BAR Association takeover and eventual complete control of first the Judiciary, and then eventually most seats of political office. Esquires. Officers of the court, for instance, would abslutely not be allowed to sit as a Representative of the People, because they are already representatives and in fact are called officers of the court, whose primary responsibility is to the BAR (British Accrediation Registry - is what it was - some have Americanized but are all still joined at the hip) and to the court, thus the entire purpose that government was created which was to protect and defend the rights of the individual State citizen from undue harm by government as well as others. We began to seriously go astray right then and there. But they did not stop there.

Later came the War between the states, that most people have not been taught that Abraham Lincoln offered to the entire South the ability and perpetual irrevocable allowance to hold slaves, if they agreed to remain in the Union. This is known as the Corwin Amendment. The only problem is that this fact, does not fit the narrative, so it has not been taught to most school children as they have been lied to and propagandized into belueving that the War was "all about slavery" which is exactly what most Cultural Marxists want you to believe.  This is in fact, a long standing constant Marxist narrative that has been married to the American culture after the workers of the world decided they loved their countries and they did not unite in Marx's utopian dream. The response was that the Frankfurt School, (of Marxism) which the ideology there of had all but destroyed Germany as it has been doing to America recently, which caused and enabled a Fascist Totalitarian tyrant in his own right to rise up and take power after people had become sick and tired of thr obscenity and attack upon their very culture. 

The effect of tyranny imposed, is not always good freedom lovng people who seek to restore liberty. Often it is utilized and seized on by tyrants of a different flavor who capitalize upon a situation. If it had not been for the funding by Americans, there would have been no Nazi Party, or Soviet Commisar for that matter. As over 180 of the first 250 Russian Commisars came from Wall Street USA. 

I digress. So our research shows that from 1868 when 11 States who were lawful and Constitutional as so declared by the President (you know how these days they want us to accept everything the President says and does....except for back then....that does not count) they were forced out of the raticfication of the 14th Amendment at gunpoint. And the so called Reconstruction Acts were forced through but did not stop with the rebel ststes. They were eventually applied to all states everywhere. The people were told it was the equality Amendment.....but does section 4, which essentially states that the public debt (controlled by politicians) could NOT BE EVER QUESTIONED AS TO ITS VALIDITY???   
And exactly what does that have to do with freedom and equality. It doesnt. In fact at the same time it makes all Americans equal by creating a new citizenship that erodes state lines and takes the federal jurisdiction and places it everywhere or anywhere there is a so called US CITIZEN, and then it saddles them with unquestionable public debt? Only to them some years later create what Karl Marx said would be necsessary for the eventual takeover of the united Staes....which in the Communist Manifesto is referred to as a Communist Central Banking System........hello Federal Reserve....which by the way is neither Federal nor a Reserve. They seem to always name things the opposite of what they are....for instance the Patriot Act, which is the Domestic spying and treason act
The "Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable nor a public service when you have to threaten people with fines and jail for not signing on to it.
There are many more examples.     And they are called a "long train of abuses"
No one here seeks to bring back slavery ....which smany orogressives have made absolute fools out of themselves by alleging as we have had black Americans standing by our side the entire time and being able to see how their own people were used as a tool by these scum.

What makes us so dangerous that we would come under the looking glass and under fire by Fusion Centers?
Well for the first problem is that many City State and federal law enforcemrnt officers have been started to be being hired with intentionally low IQs. That sounded far fetched the first time someone told me about it. So I contacted NYPD as I saw them as Americas premiere corporate law enforcement agency as oppsed to Constitutional Peace Officers whom are elected and accountable, and for the most part enforcers and defenders of the Constitution as was their age old role to safe guard the public against any and all including government agents from violating the people. That was what the Magna Carta was all about, which by the way, is where our founders believed their authority to Declare Independence came from.      Many Progressives and even Conservatives whom are merely right flavored propagandized nationalist CommuFascists themselves reject as saying......we do not have the law of England, completely forgetting where the Founding Fathers came from and neglect the fact that the concept of Natural Law or Common Law come from England. And the fact that we have Sheriffs who are not mentioned in the Constitution, because they are defined in the Magna Carta and everyone during the era of our founding knew perfectly well that the law was based upon the Bible, which the Magna Carta was based upon, and that the American Republic Form of Government was built with the timbers of the Magna Carta .     They will argue that because the Sheriff is not mentioned in the Constitution.....that what? They do not exist now? That os the argument of Vice President Joe Bidens son in Delaware. Fortunately that is a seriously small not influential state. But they have destroyed the office of the Sheriff there. Sheriffs are elected .....not appointed. And their job is strictly to preserve and pritect the lives property and rights of those who elect them to do so, while even though Corporate Law Enforcement lead by appointed or hired Corporate essentially privateers or highwaymen were created after the administrative state was itself unConstitutionally created. The reason that those who understand history and factual truth see corporate law enforcement for what they are is based upon the fact that they educated themseoves and did not rely on what? On government run schools, another unConstitutiojal venture that Charlotte Iserbyt clarifies so very well as she worked under the Reagan Administration, appointed by Reagan himself. 

Why are they targeting us, giviing us a title which is contradictory and an oxymoron unto itself!?
Whay are they propagandizing police to "believe" that we do not believe we are to respect any law?
When the very values we hold dear are based upon the concepts enshrined in the real unblemished, un tarnished Constitution, before the fraud was comitted?
Because they are for thr most part working for the establishment that is responsible for all of these crimes, yet we see them allowed to continue the people are clearly suffering.

What we saw in the case of the Hammond Family is the Administrative Reconstruction Replacement Government. The Republic barely made it past 1812..... But it did absolutely not make it out the other side of the War between the states. 

Yes, every man and woman are created equal.
But they do not remain that way if they do not work and endeavor to make smething out of themselves. People are not all equal in that they should all be handed everything to the point where everyone becomes mediocre or even worse, without drive or the incentive to achieve. 

To promote the public welfare is not to provide it.

And the truth is that those many they are labeling as Domestic Terrorists, truth be told, merely have discovered the truth and many can clearly articulate it. What confuses many is that we have to go back t the 1800s to find more pure concepts of how this were and therefore how they need to be resurrected or restored to be lawful.

Let me leave you with this. 
The Blacks Law dictionary definition for legal as opposed to the lawful Natural or Common Law
Legal - to remove God's Law.

This Christian architecture of Magna Carta basis, is why everyone has free will and the seperation of church and state. Notice it is a seperation of church and state, not faith or belief in God or God's law and the state. This Republic was formed in part for religious freedom.....not for the state to restrict the worship of its people in public places or inclusion on Godly activities in government, but to prevent the government from declaring any one denomination as controlling entity as happened with the split from Rome, and the creation of the Church of England commanded by the King to be the state religion and to begin to interfere with marraige etc etc. We have government now doing all the things an established church did then, but they have lost the scripture. They have also lost the morality.

We have attempted to retain it.
And so we must.
Give me liberty.......or give me death.