Friday, May 29, 2020

THE MARINES COULD NOT PREPARE THIS MAN for the LEVEL of COVID LUNACY HE JUST STEPPED IN - If They Allow One More Day of This to Affect Us - They Need to be Hung for TREASON

 Many ask what in the hell is going on in the world today. Everything all of a sudden too many seems to have just gone crazy. We are told by the mainstream media and most politicians that COVID-19 is a global pandemic, yet most of the evidence points to a serious cold that the global elite has been using to pimp their agendas.

Below is the video report we did regarding Snap Fitness in Holly Ridge North Carolina. Owned by a former Marine who took all precautions and opened his business. A Chief of police was removed from duty for upholding his oath to the Constitution, and he was replaced with a squirrel faced Captain who has no problem stretching the muscles of totalitarianism. All the while we are finding out more and more about who is really behind this #Plannedemic, and Trump is doing NOTHING about it. In fact, his appointee Dr. Fauci has been revealed top be buddies with Gates Sr. Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, well Gates is one, but that's another story, Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw, The Annenbergs, Astors, quite literally a whos who of the ultra-elite.

Rockefeller is standing behind Barabara Walters.

Then we, of course, have Gates with Jeffrey Epstein

Giuliani, Bloomberg, Trump, and Bill Clinton... any questions?
So, let me get this straight. We know for 100% fact that these elites that are spending boatloads to accomplish a Eugenics agenda of reducing the population, but those same people who have not only advocated for said policies and are directly connected to Trumps COVID Doctor in charge, but now we have police enforcing their shutdowns in violation of the US Constitution and all critical thinking and common sense.

Yes, that's right. This is a major drop mic moment. If anyone allows any more of this to affect one day of our lives they should be hung for treason.
As far as this reporter is concerned, this Wall Street Journal Article is the proverbial slam dunk, kiss my ass, I am not going to comply with another second of your nonsense, type of attitude I have just determined to take a stand with.

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