Monday, January 6, 2020


In the following video you will here MSM news reorts that includes terms such as “your 2nd Amendment rights” and not at all ever mentioning that the Office of Sheriff exists in large part to be part of the “check and balance” system. They were never supposed to be used as they are now. And many of them. They were supposed to be “peace officers” not policy enforcers or revenue generation Bolsheviks. 

What ever happened to Trump saying...
If I become President you’d be in jail Hillary?
He played us. 

Listen to Brian Young break down the “cult of the state.

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I love all of you who stand in opposition to tyranny. 

The 2nd Amendment DOES NOT GIVE OR GRANT RIGHTS. It is a restriction on government that we are told “we the people” created.  I don’t recall ever consenting to any of the last Presidents from Bush to Clinton. Obama to Trump.

When will we stop and let it sink in that all government is comprised of is a rights destroying mind control pushing cult. A cult of personality. 

His motto was “Make America Great Again” but all he has done is to make Israel seriously bold, and on the way to war with Iran thus delivering what Bush couldn’t and what the NeoCons have long sought on behalf of Israel. 

#ExposeUnit8200 #KingGad#IsraelSpiesOnAmerica

Tom Lacovara-Stewart - Chris Switzer

#IsraelDid911 #LavonAffair 

I used to see Anarchy as something bad. I was a victim of the propaganda. All Anarchy means is NO RULERS. It means that we do not wish to be ruled. It doesn’t mean chaos and no rules. It doesn’t mean “do what thou wilt

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