Sunday, October 30, 2016

ORWELLIAN LEGISLATION GRIPS CANADA - CULTURAL MARXISM - Professor Jordan Peterson His Stance On Gender Pronouns

The insanity of Cultural Marxism has taken Canada by force. As I am not a Canadian, and am unfarmiliar with their status on what would be our Constitutional Law, it appears as though Canadians have no right to free speech or thought, or any protections there of.

In the United States, many misinterpret the U.S. Constitution as "giving or allowing" us rights. This is a common misunderstanding. What the Bill of Rights is more accurately is the Bill of Testrictions upon government. These restrictions are protections and are considered the "chains that bind the necsessary evil which our founders considered Federalism or government to be.

The Bill of rights restricts the government from interfering with the right of the people to the freedom of speech, or the press, of their own personal beliefs, and of Christian worship by restricting any establishment of a particular church or sect to be recognized as a state sanctioned faith. It has been for a very long time misinterpreted to protect the public worship of any and all religions. This is part of the encroaching Progressive and oftern Communist based subversion of our Constitutional Republic. This in no means suggests that people can not believe or worship as they see fit in the privacy of their own homes, but it does prevent them from openly and publicly subverting the nation with ideologies that would or could undermine the rule of law and or of the right of Americans to maintain their cultural heritage and moral code which is rooted in Magna Carta law, which is established upon the bedrock foundation of the Holy Bible. Many Americans today have been taught Progressive lies on both the right and left that does just that. It undermines the actual American Cultural heritage the founders sought to protect and to pass down to their proginy and to all Americans. If we ever did in fact return to those principles, we would see a drastic reduction in immoral behaviors, degeneracy, and indecency.  Many have sought to secularize the Republic. The introduction of Theocracies for instance which are not merely religions, but are religion and political ideologies fused. These are unlawful and have been so for a very long time.    Satanism is a good example. There is no protection and in fact it is unlawful for the public worship of an ideology that seeks to undermine the Protestant Christian faith. If people only knew and were made to understand that we have been in a battle with Rome and the Jesuits, as well as the King of England and our founding to free ourselves from the chains of the Papacy, they would understand far more deeply many of the wars details of the American Civil War.    That war was instigated and advised upon by top Jesuits.     The Jesuits have been the hidden hand of destruction along with their agents the Rothschilds and Rockefeelers and many more like them.    

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