Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Message to Corrupt Police and Politicians: (RE-UPLOAD)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a previously recorded video put out by Lorri Anderson. She discuss' the topic of Two Former Detroit Police Officers that were charged with "misconduct". This video was made in April 2016 and is not considered to be new news. We believe the message needs to be heard again.

DETROIT - Two former Detroit police officers have been charged with misconduct in office and filing a false police report. 

Steven Fultz, 34, and John McKee, 43, are accused of filing a false report about watching a 27-year-old man toss a suspected bag of drugs from his vehicle Jan. 5, 2015 in the 19500 block of Alcoy. Due to information in the officers' report, the driver was charged with possession of heroin. 

However, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, while the evidence in the case was being reviewed in preparation for a trial in the case, audio evidence from the police car used by Fultz and McKee revealed that they allegedly filed false police reports. 
 Consequently, the trial prosecutor dismissed the case against the driver. The Prosecutor's Office said more specific facts about the case will be presented at the preliminary examination. Both officers have resigned from their positions at the Detroit Police Department.
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The larger question is why weren't they charged with perjury instead of "misconduct"? Why were the former officers able to be hired at another law enforcement agency while these charges were pending a court date? Why weren't these "officers" charged with 18 US CODE 241 or 18 US CODE 242 ? We the people are done with the unlawful actions of those whom pretend to be our protectors. The people have united in exposing all those that are corrupt, from politicians, police, commissioners, etc... ALL of you will be held accountable for your criminal activity in a lawful manner.

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