Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Un-Constitutional14th Amendment - We Give You Not the Poison Fruit, We Give You the Tree and the Original 13th Amendment Revealed !

EVIDENCE - The UnConstitutional 14th Amendment was not intended for the purpose it was purported. Clever legalese and the alteration of two words.....PERSON & CITIZEN were re-defined by Congress 2 years prior (not a normal course of events) and altered to include the word CORPORATION.....which is where when and how.....CORPORATE PERSONHOOD was created ! And more....

The Oregon Stand Off was a necessary event many say that caused a massive awakening as to the truth of the usurpation that has been a long train of abuses.....the link below this image could be the most important read you have ever had.......

This all began with the plan by International Banking Cartels lead by the Rothschild Crown Bank of England. In 1812 the British came into Washington D.C. and burnt out the National Archives and the White House. They sought to and did destroy and caused havoc suppressing the existence of the RATIFIED ORIGINAL 13th Amendment. This paved the way for the implementation of the Replacement Government 2 years AFTER the so called "Civil" War. 

The following is some of the EVIDENCE our team found in the Texas State Library Sam Houston Research Center. The Virginia Revised Code.......look at the following photos proving our case.

This would have prevented the BAR Association takeover of our Government as many were paid crown Rothschild Agents. This Amendment prevented them from holding office. Being a "lawyer" is not the problem. Being an Esquire and Officer of the court by which is used to persecute or prosecute so called offenders......but offenders of whom and what?

And Ye shall KNOW the TRUTH and the truth shall set you FREE !!!

Also, dual citizenship, special interests, gifts and gratuities which means NO SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY CAN BE GRANTED or DONATED to politicians seeking office. Imagine that.

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