Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Google - STILL BEING EVIL - Now Tracks You to Make Sure You COMPLY w/ Social Distancing - works govt taxpayer funded contracts - while defaming ppl with false claims of hate speech

 Google. What a corporation there. They believe that they can operate with the privacy of a person, while taking taxpayer money for products, services and defense contracts. Silly Google. We shall soon see about that. YouTube gave me a strike alleging harassment for an interview with Wolfgang Halbig for CYBER-BULLYING yet not one individual organization or anyone whatsovever was bullied. It is not a true claim....  and another strike for a speech purely given by John F. Kennedy to the press. Not a word did I speak and yet the video was taken out for HATE SPEECH. My appeal was denied. And then an adjustment was made. They claimed community guidelines for the violent graphic content of JFK's assassination. The only problem with that is that I got the video from YouTube. Its called the Zapruder Film. It is literally everywhere unrestricted. This is getting old. Government is now contracting its services out to bids from these corporations who believe they an operate in the shadows. Free from the Freedom Of Information Act, or 1st Amendment. 

YouTube is a public forum. And it, like Bell Telephone has grown into essentially a monopoly that injurs people daily. Maintaining a channel is an online buisness. And THAT is where I believe is one area that has not been explored in court. 

Can a strip mall deny rental to someone because they dont like their product? 
Probably. But can they allow someone to come in and set up shop and after they establish themselves simply make a few baseless charcter attaks and board their buisness up? 
NOPE!   And that is exactly what happens when a channel is taken out. 
Hope I see you soon in court Alphabet!

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