Tuesday, September 13, 2016


This is treachery. When analyzing why there is a thing called anti-Semitism, look no further to authoritarian Communitarian Bolshevik style Communists like Barbara Spectre, an American / Israeli university Proffesor of "Jewish Studies" which is taught in the style of Marxism. This is subversion and is as dangerous to European cultures as Islamic Extremism. This variety uses or actually misuses laws, Progressivism of both the Marxist left and Trotskyite NeoConservative right. When discussing Conservatism, Barbara usually only refers to the Hegelian creation of the NeoCons. As all no. council on Foregin Relations political bodies do not exist to these so called "intellectual elites".  People like this are a clear and present danger to the national security of any nation she is operating in. Listen to her for yourself. The audacity to assume that only Jews can lead Europeans to a better way of life is so nauseatingly condescending it makes one want to seriously be ill.