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RTR Truth Media (Portland) - A couple who attended a local park for some recreation were warned by police to avoid a homeless couple who police informed them had been some trouble in the past. Apparently there were no warrants nor any infractions of the law that the police were able to enforce. 

Some hours later the homeless man apparently emotionally snapped and assaulted the couple with a baton and threw one of them, the female, on the rocks of the beach. 

The man was arrested, charged and convicted. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

But now the couple is suing the city and the police because they say the homeless couple was “illegally camping” and that the police “failed to protect them”.

As many people know several cities in Oregon have a regular homeless population and as they have tried many methods to alleviate this problem, several cities have relaxed their rules regarding enforcement. Frankly, I for one don’t really have an idea what they would do if they had not as there seems to be few places equipped with handling the problem. Portland especially seems to attract homeless individuals many say because the city is friendly and sympathetic to their situations. 

The real issue here, and what this couple apparently do not realize is that the US Supreme Court has ruled on this type of case many times before. In fact, the court has ruled in far more serious cases that law enforcement officers have no duty nor obligation to protect you or me.  That does not mean a police officer will never protect an individual, it simply means that the logo on the sides of many police cars is little more than propaganda and at best a public relations gimmick. There is one other distinct possibility. And that is that municipal state and federal law enforcement do have an obligation to serve and protect. Serve and protect what you may ask?  To serve and protect the government corporation. 

Even if there had been a law that these officers failed to enforce, as we saw in Florida at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the officer who failed to enter the building and engage the armed suspect, the Supreme Court ruled that neither the County of Browaed nor the officer was liable as he had no duty to protect someone not in custody. So in fact, officers have a duty and obligation to protect only the lawbreakers whom they place under arrest. 

We can also analyze the “failure to enforce the law” claim that this Oregonian couple are standing on. Well, in the situation with the Parkland case, there had been many contacts with Nicholas Cruz the alleged lone gunman, by law enforcement. Several of these contacts or reports were in fact considered violent or felonious. But in our assessment and after reviewing the evidence as well as whistleblower testimony from Palm Beach County Sheriffs whom were deposed, the Obama era Cultural Marxist based PROMISE Federal grant program provided federal money to these departments for reducing the school to prison pipeline of “marginalized students” (that means non white students) and to reduce criminal statistics by employing programs and measures to intercede. What was revealed and was occurring in both Miami Dads as well as Broward County was that officers were told on several occasions to not arrest these students and if found with contraband or stolen property, to log said items into evidence as “found property”. This did reduce the appearance and statistics of criminal activity, but it was not long before drug dealers and older criminals became wise to this and used younger folks more and more to do the trafficking etc.  Well one would think that all of that activity and failure to intercede in Nicholas Cruz’ life would be considered failing to make an arrest which in the same although less serious case of the Portland couple, the Supreme Court still found no culpability upon the county or the department as there was no duty nor obligation Constitutiobally or legally binding to protect an individual not in custody. 

I hope the public is learning just how screwed up the government as well as law enforcement has become in America. And after 150 or so years of American law enforcement history, for this to remain unfixed and a continuing issue is insane. Politicians are the first to make the claim that we don’t need guns for self defense because that is what the police are for. But the one thing you can take away from this report, is that they are at best idiots and oblivious, but I suspect the worst in this, which is that they know that they are lying and that it is not the job of police to protect anyone. Perhaps they have a duty or obligation to protect a governor, or a public official as they are an agent of government. Maybe that falls within the “to serve and protect the corporate government, its assets, and its functionality. I’m not really sure. But I do know that there should be repercussions for politicians who bald faced lie to the public while moving further and further to disarm them. 

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RTR Truth Media -    

 We at RTR are very skeptical when it comes to the main stream corporate media, but out of all of those who report, there are a few who actually shock me that they are allowed to still be broadcast. The one at the top of that list is Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Let me be clear, I do not agree with him on a few key issues. I am not giving Trump a pass for his violation of the 2nd Amendment or the actual real collusion issue that threatens our national security which is our relationship to the foreign Rothschild Zionist State of Israel. But from the Russian collusion hoax to Iraqi WMD's and the stoking of wars by PNAC, some of the grandest lies have caused the deaths of Americans as well as civilians in foreign nations. Perpetrated by left and right. And now the continued nothinberger and liberal pundits like Pelosi and Schiff and many many more who bald face lie to cameras stoking the disinformation as many Americans apparently unable to reject what they would rather believe, embrace these lies as opposed to being able to critically think. It is sad but many fall for it. 

If there ever was election tampering it comes from these lies. And it is long passed time the liars put up, or are forced to leave DC never to return. In this episode Tucker makes that argument. They should have to "go to Camden NJ" and scrub hotels for 20 years as penance for the lies they tell. Lies are not free speech. Lies intentionally delivered is subversion. America, until these lies stop government nullifies any legitimacy or authority it had. I will not respect or abide by the laws created by lawmakers who boldly and provably lie while looking all of us right in the face. 

Washington DC.... you need a political enema!

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America - Land of the fee, and home of the slave!

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Tom Lacovara-Stewart - Las Vegas police arrested a man for selling bottled water without a license as witnesses recorded. God forbid a man trying to provide for his family attempt to earn a few dollars in an honorable way while providing much needed hydration in Nevada in triple digit temperatures. So much for Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness *terms and conditions may apply.
A man selling cold bottled water to thirsty tourists on a triple-digit summer day in Las Vegas was placed in a choke-hold by Las Vegas police who apparently were cracking down on unlicensed street vendors. All too often we have repeatedly seen police shutting down kids lemonade stands or harassing non-violent peaceful people who are not bothering anyone, nor are a threat to anyone. 

At this point I don't give a damn what licensing requirements the city has to conduct "vending". America has a homeless problem. There are people struggling. When a man takes the time to engage in something like getting a cooler and ice and water and offers it to people based on a voluntary exchange between two parties, it's time for the government to go to hell. Government is supposed to exist to preserve and protect our rights 1st and foremost, and when government becomes destructive to those purposes by which it was empowered, it is the right, and the duty to abolish it, replace it, or do simply govern one's self in peace and tranquility.  I for one am sick of these revenue generating municipal corporations who pretend to serve the people while fleecing them and oppressing them. 

"I can't breathe" the man wheezes as one cop tightens the choke-hold around his neck. But the cop only tells him to "quit resisting."
"Saying he is resisting won't make him be resisting," says a witness as the cops continues repeating the mindless phrase.
"We're watching you."
The man does not resist throughout the video but the cops continue to tell him not to resist. To be fair, the video begins after this seemingly non-violent man who appeared to not be resisting was already accosted. But all reports from those on the scene state that the man at no time posed any threat to law enforcement. 

"You're the only one that committed a crime," another witness tells the cops.

The video was posted to Facebook Friday with the following description:
This video is someone I know. Jimmy Williams was exercising his right to support himself and/or his family. He was selling water in Las Vegas on a hot day. Do you still think you are free? Do you still think Police are your friends? This is what promoters, water sellers, smut peddlers etc go through everyday on the Las Vegas Strip trying to make a living and trying to put smiles on peoples faces. You have the right to pursue happiness. Whatever that is do it as long as ye harm no one. The police are nothing but a domestic terrorist organization. More people need to wake up. Its not easy. Waking up is hard to do especially when you have been indoctrinated. Rebirth is relearning what you have been taught. Life is not butterflies and crayons. Its not going to be pretty. Its going to a long lonely road but I for one would rather die standing up than to comply. Tis better to burn out than it is to fade cause rust never sleeps.
"They need to train these guys," one woman exclaims but the video shows they are doing exactly as they are trained. From the choke-hold to the knee on the back, they are only trained in how to control people whether they need to be controlled or not.
The video ends with the handcuffed man laying face down in a puddle of water from his own cooler yelling out his phone number to notify his friends or family that he has been arrested.

Personally I believe that these officers should be strung up by their testicles and any and all of their superiors who condone this abhorrent behavior should be tarred and feathered and placed in stocks in the public square. Do I sound radical? Well perhaps so. But when you witness armed thugs wearing the stars and stripes brutalizing a man for selling water to make ends meet and you don't have this reaction, then there is something seriously wrong with you. This has to stop. And I may be a tad blunt in this article, but I am sick of seeing authoritarian scumbags parading around as if they were totalitarian Bolshevik change agents and revenue generators. 

My best friend is a cop. He said "just because a law exists does not mean you need to enforce it, I am a peace officer... The only time I enforce a law is when there is a breach of the peace. I'm not going to give a man a ticket for drinking in public if he is doing so casually without causing trouble or influencing kids to do so. I'm only going to enforce that law that exists for me to use if I need keep the peace and tranquility of my town."

Guess who has been harassed and nearly forced out of police work? My best friend. This is a rising and continuing problem. The good guys are forced out, while the order following thug patrol who are afraid of their own shadows are kept. 

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The House quietly voted last week to require the Pentagon inspector general to tell Congress whether the department experimented with weaponizing disease-carrying insects and whether they were released into the public realm — either accidentally or on purpose.
The unusual proposal took the form of an amendment that was adopted by voice vote July 11 during House debate on the fiscal 2020 defense authorization bill, which lawmakers passed the following day.
The amendment, by New Jersey Republican Christopher H. Smith, says the inspector general “shall conduct a review of whether the Department of Defense experimented with ticks and other insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975.”

The video below is archived on the Way Back Machine and below is the YouTube version
Everyone familiar with RTR Truth Media ™  knows that the founder has been afflicted with Lyme Disease since age 12. It went un-diagnosed for 2 decades because of the suppression by "officials" who tried to long cover it up. As a result Tom Lacovara-Stewart ended up fighting for his life, sanity, and to put back together his life after the effects of this disease shattered it. We will be sharing more of his story in the future. 

If the answer is yes, then the IG must provide the House and Senate Armed Services committees with a report on the experiments’ scope and “whether any ticks or insects used in such experiments were released outside of any laboratory by accident or experiment design.”
The amendment is an attempt to confirm or deny reports that Pentagon researchers — at places such as Fort Detrick in Maryland and Plum Island in New York — implanted diseases into insects to learn about the effects of biological weapons and also looked into using such insects to disseminate biological agents.
President Richard Nixon banned U.S. government research into biological weapons in 1969, but research into protecting U.S. military personnel from such agents may have continued, Smith said in an interview Monday.
Is Congress why the military isn't ready for climate change?
Volume 90%
A book called “Bitten,” published this year, makes the case that the Defense Department research occurred and hints at a possible connection between the experiments and the spread of maladies such as Lyme disease, which is borne by ticks.
To Smith and other advocates of the Pentagon IG report, studying the past may provide data that can help stem the spread of Lyme disease in the future.
Between 300,000 and 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year, with further growth expected in the years ahead, said Smith, a founding co-chairman of the Congressional Lyme Disease Caucus, which advocates for greater awareness of the disease and for more funding for research into a cure.
“We need answers and we need them now,” Smith said.
Smith’s amendment was co-sponsored by Minnesota Democrat Collin C. Peterson, who is the House caucus’s other leader, and by Maryland Republican Andy Harris.
Pat Smith, president of the Lyme Disease Association, said in an interview Monday that she is hopeful the IG report could provide information that could save lives.
“We need to find out: is there anything in this research that was supposedly done that can help us to find information that is germane to patient health and combating the spread of the disease,” she said.
It remains to be seen whether Congress will send President Donald Trump a defense authorization bill with the weaponized ticks amendment. The Senate has passed its version without any similar provision, and now House and Senate negotiators must reconcile the two bills.

The Officially Ignored Connection Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island - TruthStreamMedia
Melissa Dykes
Melissa Dykes Sep 09, 2017

Lyme Disease is one of those illnesses that, unless you have it or know someone who afflicted by it, most people don’t know that much about it other than that it is caused by a tick bite.
Lyme Disease has been referred to as “the great imitator” because it mirrors many other awful medical disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Initially, Lyme causes a barrage of awful symptoms, including tiredness unrelieved by resting or sleeping, insomnia, abdominal pain, nausea, confusion, mood swings, joint pain, recurrent headaches, fever, chills, dizziness, difficulty concentrating or sustaining one’s attention and even impaired short-term memory, but ultimately it can harm organs and systems throughout the body, including the heart, the circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems, and the brain and nervous system.
Lyme Disease is pretty common these days, despite the fact that many people are fuzzy on the details. According to the CDC, Lyme was the sixth most common Nationally Notifiable disease in 2015 and the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the U.S., thought to affect some 300,000 people a year in this country. Strangely though, when people attempt to get medical attention for Lyme Disease, a lot of times they are told that Lyme Disease is really rare and they probably have something else. Many times a person is forced to go through exhaustive medical testing for other ailments to rule those out before a doctor will even administer a test for Lyme Disease, but I’ll expand on that momentarily.
There may be a good reason why doctors are hesitant to test their patients for Lyme, even when those patients are fully willing to pay out-of-pocket for the testing for it and despite the fact that, for some reason in this era of modern medical technology, the test for Lyme is still pretty inaccurate.
For the longest time, the government has been implicated in and repeatedly denied any ties to the creation of Lyme Disease, despite some pretty compelling evidence to the contrary.
Lyme Disease was not discovered or recognized until the mid 70s when there was an outbreak of what doctors originally mistook for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in several southeastern Connecticut towns including Lyme and Old Lyme, which is how the disease got its name. A newspaper archive search revealed that the bacteria that causes Lyme, Borrelia burgdorferi, wasn’t mentioned in print in newspapers until 1984 (although Google newspapers came back with nothing at all).
If you look at these towns on a map, you’ll notice they are right directly across the Long Island Sound from Plum Island, which has been a government animal disease research facility since the mid 1950s and doubled as a military biological warfare research facility.
It’s less than nine miles from shore to shore the way the crow flies.
The outbreak and concentration of Lyme Disease in this country centers around that place. The CDC admits that 95% of cases of Lyme come from just 14 states, the majority of which are located around Plum Island.
Plum Islands biowarfare ties date back to World War II and Operation Paperclip, a top secret government program to shield Nazi scientists from trial or punishment by quietly bringing them over to the U.S. and giving them new identities and U.S. citizenship in exchange for working for the government and military.
Dr. Erich Traub
Dr. Erich Traub
One such Nazi scientists was Dr. Erich Traub, lab chief during World War II for Nazi Germany’s Insel Riems – a secret biological warfare laboratory on an island (sound familiar?) in the Baltic Sea where Traub worked directly under Hitler’s #2 Heinrich Himmler. His job included spraying viruses from planes over occupied Russia. Prior to the war, just by the way, Traub had been involved in Nazi activities in the U.S. at Camp Siegfried on Long Island just 30 miles from Plum Island while he was here on a fellowship studying viruses and bacteria at, of all places, the Rockefeller Institute.
Plum Island was specifically named for Cold War biowarfare research alongside Dugway Proving Ground and Fort Detrick back in the early ’50s when the US biowarfare program and clandestine germ warfare trials first began. Seems like they got the location idea from Insel Reims.
Gee, can’t imagine who gave them that idea.
Dr. Erich Traub completed his Operation Paperclip duties working for the American biological warfare program from 1949 to 1953, during which time he consulted with the CIA and scientists at Fort Detrick before returning to West Germany in 1953 to run the country’s own Insel Riems-like experimental virus facility in Tübingen (with the U.S. government’s permission). Not only did USDA officials visit Traub’s lab over there, but Traub also briefly worked for the USDA which oversees Plum Island and throughout the ’50s he was in regular contact with Plum Island’s Director Doc Shahan. Dr. Traub was also at the Plum Island dedication ceremony in 1956 and visited the place at least twice after that in 57 and 58, when Plum Island’s lead scientist Dr. Jacob Traum retired and the USDA considered replacing him with who else? Dr. Erich Traub.
In the 70s, attorney John Loftus was hired by the office of special investigations, a unit set up by the Justice
department to look into Nazi war crimes. He was given a top secret clearance and allowed access to decades worth of classified documents. Among other things, Loftus turned up records of Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to the US and experimented with dropping poison ticks from planes to spread rare diseases. He also specifically mentioned in his book The Belarus Secret that he received information that suggested the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range during the early 1950s. This story was further validated by attorney Michael Carroll in his book Lab 257. Carroll claims that not only did a source who worked on Plum Island in the 50s tell him that some of the workers purposefully released ticks outdoors on the island in 1951 when it was still Fort Terry and that one of the scientists involved was called the quote, “Nazi scientist,” but Carroll says he dug up a box of 1950s USDA files from the National Archives vault that included three folders: two labeled “tick research” and one labeled “E. Traub”. Both were empty.
Even more damning, in an article in the Journal of Degenerative Diseases, Marjorie Tietjen reportedthat 60% of chronic Lyme patients are actually co-infected with several strains of mycoplasma, the most common one being “mycoplasma fermentens” which is patented by the U.S. Army and army pathologist Dr. Lo; Pathogenic mycoplasma, U.S. Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept. 7, 1993.
Today, the official story touted by government scientists is that the scientific evidence does not support Lyme Disease originating on Plum Island. This is despite the fact that researchers at Plum Island were experimenting with hundreds of thousands of hard and soft ticks on Plum Island where classified top secret biowarfare research was being carried out by the U.S. military for decades and the first outbreak of Lyme happened right directly across the sound less than nine miles from Plum Island where thousands upon thousands of birds fly AND despite the fact that they have been forced to admit culpability in the outbreak of other types of viruses on the island due to these experiments, the experimental animals for which were kept outside in open air pens up through the late ’70s, when a highly-contagious foot-and-mouth disease outbreak on Plum Island in 1978 ended in the government being forced to put over 200 of their own experimental animals to death.
The U.S. government continues to pretend like it couldn’t have possibly had a hand in Lyme Disease. Then again, the U.S. government denied that there were any biowarfare experiments on Plum Island for decades as well, up until documents proving otherwise were published by Newsday in 1993.
Meanwhile, Canada has been complaining in recent years of Lyme Disease proliferating there due to migratory birds picking up black-legged ticks when they fly south into the U.S. for the winter and come back with them.
Of course, I guess it would be an expensive and embarrassing PR/lawsuit nightmare if they did admit any culpability after this many decades of Americans suffering and probably dying from Lyme, which they would obviously avoid at all costs in the interest of national security.
Earlier I mentioned that it is believed Lyme Disease affects some 300,000 people annually in this country but that number is basically meaningless because people are forced through a medical merry-go-round just to be able to get tested for this disease, and then as Tietjen points out in that article above, many are only treated for it for a month on antibiotics and according to prestigious Yale University (which has only been implicated in government dirty work for decades with Plum Island right in its backyard), if the person still has Lyme Disease symptoms on the 31st day of antibiotic treatment, they are labeled as having something else (including “antibiotic-seeking behavior”), probably whatever affliction the disease has mimicked in their body. In this way, if they die, they die of something else in the official medical record, not Lyme Disease and they no longer get counted in the Lyme Disease statistics the same way unemployed people eventually “fall out of” the unemployment stats if they are unemployed long enough.
And that’s after the patient goes through the rigmarole to even be able to get tested in the first place. My mother went through this when she lived in Missouri and was bitten by a tick. Her doctor straight up told her Lyme Disease did not exist in Missouri, it wasn’t possible for a Missourian to get it, and that it was all in her head, even going so far as to write in her medical chart that the patient is convinced she has Lyme Disease even though her doctor apprised her of the “facts”. She had to go to a different doctor and plead her case to him, essentially arguing her way into even being allowed to get the test to begin with! This is how statistics continued to be toyed with even to this day in order to cover up an epidemic that is linked to government biowarfare research.
If you have ever been to Long Island, you see signs everywhere in parks warning you about ticks and Lyme Disease. The place is absolutely infested with them. The only thing more disconcerting than that is the fact that, after decades of animal disease research and burying the wastes on Plum Island, the whole place an environmental disaster. According to Carroll, repeated attempts to decontaminate the crumbling, unsecured lab 257 have failed. They finally had to build a whole new building (Lab 101) but in recent years the USDA and DHS, who jointly run Plum Island these days, have decided to move the whole thing inland to Manhattan, Kansas — nearly right smack dab in the middle of the country where a large majority of the nation’s cattle and hogs are bred, not to mention there’s a perfectly valid reason the makers of “Twister” decided to make Kansas one of the main settings in the film.
That’s right. As Congressman Michael Burgess pointed out at a September 2009 Oversight and Investigations hearing on Federal Oversight of High Containment Bio-Laboratories before the Committee on Energy and Commerce held just a week after the House vote on moving the Plum Island facility to Kansas:
“…the language of the resolution proudly touting that 45% of the fed cattle in the United States and 40% of the hogs produced in this country are in Kansas. Considering that food-and-mouth disease, which is the primary research being done at Plum Island, is a disease which can spread with devastating swiftness from humans to cattle and hogs… shouldn’t we have done our O&I hearing on the scientific evaluations being done at DHS before [emphasis added] we voted on a resolution saying that Kansas was the best pick?”
Gee… you think?

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DEMOCRAT JUVENILE COURT JUDGE FOUND GUILTY - Collapses & Dragged to Jail at Sentencing

Tensions reportedly flared inside a Cincinnati courthouse on Monday as a bailiff dragged a former judge out of the courtroom after she was ordered to be taken into custody.

The chaotic scene occurred after a judge announced his decision regarding Tracie Hunter’s 2014 conviction and six-month sentence for using her former job as judge to help a family member. Hunter, a former juvenile court judge, had been convicted for improperly giving information to her brother during a job dispute, NBC News reported. She had also been charged with a variety of misconduct but the prosecution said "we think we have made our point" when deciding to not proceed with the other charges.

NBC noted that the conviction was followed by several appeals as well as many letters and recommendations urging Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker not to sentence Hunter.

Judge Dinkelacker had been sent inappropriate mail trying to sway his decision in favor of hunter, a few of which making reference to his "white privilege" in not being charged with the accidental pedestrian death of someone high on cocaine and in the roadway that the judge struck. This showing a very definitive cultural Marxist ideology of those engaging in the campaign. Black Judges Matter was also a slogan used. An investigation into the accident found that the judge had broken no law and thus a tragic and unfortunate incident occurred, but one void of negligence or malice on the part of Judge Dinckelacker. The post card campaign sent these to the Judges home and not office address. This fact is apparently lost on the campaigners. All they managed to do was outrage the judge.

Dinkelacker on Monday ordered Hunter to serve the six-month jail sentence, prompting an eruption from protesters inside the courtroom. Video shows one individual wearing a "Justice for Judge Tracie M. Hunter" T-shirt being apprehended by police officers as she rushed to where Hunter was seated.

SHORT CLIP :  Judge is dragged out

Ex-Ohio judge dragged from court after being ordered to be taken into custody

The following is from Ballotpedia. Personally I find the judges actions to be irrelevant to race. But apparently she should have held the job for some time before acting in such bad behavior.
The charges that were dropped were "backdating and falsifying records. They did her a favor by only proceeding with one charge.

Tracie Hunter was a judge for the Hamilton County Juvenile Court in Ohio. On January 10, 2014, Hunter was suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court, pending the result of indictments on eight felony counts.[1]
Hunter was elected in November 2010, and her term was to have begun in January 2011. However, due to a dispute and lawsuit over provisional ballots, she did not take office until 2012.[2][3] Hunter was sworn in on May 25, 2012.[4]


Hunter received her undergraduate degree from Miami University in 1988 and her J.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1992. She also graduated in the first class of the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Leadership Development Program in Washington, DC.[4]


In addition to serving as a judge, Hunter is the pastor at Western Hills Brethren in Christ Church. Before joining the court, Hunter served as a guardian ad litem with ProKids and worked as a contract attorney with the public defender's office. She opened her own law firm in 1994 and worked on probate, real estate, personal injury and civil rights matters. Before opening her own law practice Hunter was an attorney at the law firm of Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley, LPA.[4

Hunter on trial, accused of backdating documents

In September 2013, two special prosecutors were appointed to investigate allegations brought by the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office that someone in Judge Hunter’s courtroom may have committed crimes by deliberately backdating court orders to prevent the orders from being appealed. Hunter already had a bad relationship with the prosecutor's office since a disagreement with county prosecutor Joe Deters earlier in 2013. Hunter accused him of defaming her, although Deters denied the claims.[5][6]
The Hamilton County public defender's office filed multiple lawsuits against Hunter with the Ohio First District Court of Appeals in 2012, due to delays in issuing rulings. Hunter failed to meet the 120-day deadline, set by the Ohio Supreme Court, for issuing rulings. According to Hamilton County Public Defender, Ray Faller, those rulings related directly to the welfare of children and included matters such as adoptions, removing children from homes or allowing them to receive permanent placement in foster homes, as well as other issues.
According to Hunter's attorney, Richard Blake, he was never contacted by special prosecutors when they were investigating the matter. However, according to special prosecutor R. Scott Croswell III, he and Merlyn Shiverdecker interviewed 30 witnesses and reviewed thousands of pages of documents during their investigation.[1] Defense lawyers Croswell and Shiverdecker were appointed to serve as special prosecutors at the request of the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. The two previously represented Deters when he was accused of theft in 2003. He was later acquitted of the charges.[7]
Hunter, in the summer of 2013, requested that an independent audit of the juvenile court be held, claiming that the juvenile court clerk's office had admitted to inaccurately reporting data on court cases. Hunter said that many of the cases she received were out-of-date before she even became the judge of the juvenile court. Hunter defended herself, saying:
I question the Enquirer's, Judge Williams' and the Public Defender's motivations for misrepresenting data. They all knew children were languishing in foster care for years before I ever received many of these cases. However, I am being singled out for a problem that didn't begin with me and that has been a problem in juvenile court for years.[8][9]

Suspended by Ohio Supreme Court following indictment

In January 2014, Hunter was indicted on eight felony counts, including:
  • two counts of tampering with evidence,
  • two counts of forgery,
  • two counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, and
  • two counts of theft in office.[10]
The charges related to orders which were backdated and signed by Hunter. Other charges related to her hiring her brother to work for her at the court. Hunter was also accused of using her position as a judge to obtain documents from her brother's personnel file.[1]
In accordance with state law, Hunter was disqualified from acting as a judge by the Ohio Supreme Court on January 10, 2014. The court ordered that she remain disqualified while charges were pending, but that she would continue to collect her $121,350 salary.[11][10] Hunter was not arrested.[1]

Hunter pleads not guilty

Hunter entered a plea of not guilty to nine felony charges on January 17, 2014. The charges included two counts of tampering with evidence, two counts of forgery, two counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, two counts of theft in office and one count of misuse of credit cards.
Following the court appearance, Hunter marched in the Cincinnati parade for Dr. Martin Luther King on January 20, 2014. She marched behind a banner that showed her picture next to the famous civil rights leader's image. Prior to the march, on December 15, 2013, she made the following statement at a rally:
I don't care what they do to me. If I go to jail then I will join the long list of Martin Luther King. I will join the long list of people like Rosa Parks. I will join the long list of people like Nelson Mandela.[12][9]
Bishop Bobby Hilton, a supporter of Hunter, commented that the charges against the judge were a political move by enemies she made when she contested the results of a 2010 election. That year, she ran for her current seat against John M. Williams, and eventually was declared the winner. Hunter, in an email to juvenile court staff following the indictment, said she wanted "it understood that Hamilton County Juvenile Court was not ready for its first African American and Democrat judge."[13]


Jury selection in Hunter's misconduct trial began on September 8, 2014, in Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas with Judge Norbert A. Nadel presiding. Hunter's charges related to allegations that she forged and backdated documents, used her county credit card to pay for legal filings and getting involved in the firing of her brother, who worked at the juvenile court.[14][15]
On December 5, 2014, Hunter was convicted of one felony and was sentenced to six months of jail time in the Hamilton County Justice Center. Nadel handed down the sentence, stating: "The evidence showed that the criminal conduct of Tracie Hunter has dealt a very serious blow to the public confidence of our judicial system and there's no question about that."[16][17]However, the jury was unable to reach a decision on eight other charges. Nadel declared a mistrial on the remaining charges, and a new trial date was scheduled for those counts.[18][19]
On December 26, 2014, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a stay on Hunter's six-month prison sentence while she awaited her retrial on the eight charges.[20]
Hunter appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court asking that Judge Patrick Dinkelacker be removed from presiding over her retrial on eight felony charges because she believed that Dinkelacker would not be able to remain impartial.[19] However, a poll of the judges of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas (taken per Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor's request) revealed that the other judges would all recuse themselves if selected to preside over Hunter's case.[21]
Dinkelacker, in a separate letter to Chief Justice O'Connor, stated: "I find no legal reason or judicial code of conduct guidelines which permits me to disqualify myself."[22] He further argued that his appeals court decision against Hunter and the contempt of court ruling was supported by the Ohio Supreme Court, and yet Hunter did not ask the Ohio Supreme Court to be removed from presiding over any cases involving her.[19][22]
On January 19, 2016, the day the trial was scheduled to begin, special prosecutors dropped the remaining eight charges against Hunter. Special Prosecutor Scott Croswell said they had made their point, and that, "Whether Tracie Hunter is convicted of one felony or nine felonies makes little or no difference." Attorney Jennifer Branch said she believed the charges were dropped because the prosecution knew it couldn't win.[23] On January 21, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that Hunter could continue to delay her jail sentence while she appealed her conviction. An appeals court upheld her conviction and the state supreme court to decided not to hear the case.[24][25]


Hunter was arrested on July 22, 2019, following Hunter's conviction and sentencing to six months in jail.[26]

Hunter sued for denying the media access to her courtroom (2013)

In 2013, WCPO Television and The Enquirer sued Hunter, claiming she improperly closed her courtroom to the public and media.[27] Hunter barred The Enquirer from her courtroom after the newspaper printed the names of six juvenile defendants. She stated that including the names of juveniles in the publication violated a court order restricting the disclosure of the defendants' names.[28] However, the Ohio First District Court of Appeals required that the publication's writers be allowed access to the courtroom and stayed the enforcement of the restriction on the disclosure of the names.[28]
At a hearing following the appellate court's ruling, Hunter announced The Enquirer could attend the hearings regarding the criminal case, so long as the publication did not publish the names of the defendants. As a result of this announcement, the appeals court found Hunter in contempt of court.[28] The Ohio Supreme Court upheld the appellate court's finding that Hunter was in contempt of court, stating that she understood what the appellate court was ordering and that "her statement to the contrary is nothing more than a declaration of defiance."[29]
Since she was sued in her capacity as a judge, Hunter was represented by the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. However, Hunter attempted to hire private attorneys to represent her. Due to disputes which arose after the 2010 election, Hunter felt it would have been a conflict of interest for Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters to represent her. Deters stated, "There is no authority [for Hunter] to do that at all."[27] However, three attorneys filed documents on Hunter's behalf.[27]

Hunter involved in dispute over hiring of court administrator (2012)

Hunter had some public disputes with her former election opponent and current colleague, John M. Williams, since the 2010 election. Williams lost that election following a challenge by Hunter, but was appointed to a vacancy on the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas the following year.
In October 2012, Hunter attempted to hire Wende Cross as her own court administrator, after reprimanding Curt Kissinger, who was serving as the juvenile court administrator and thus reported to both Hunter and Williams. Hunter stated:
[B]ased on Judge Williams’ unprecedented and inappropriate interference it is apparent that Curt Kissinger performs his duties at the pleasure of John Williams. Therefore, in order for me to effectively carry out my duties as judge of Hamilton County Juvenile Court, I also require a court administrator.[30][9]
—Judge Tracie Hunter
Judge Williams stated, "I think that a hire like this is unnecessary and creates a confusing management structure and is a waste of taxpayer dollars."[30] The new court administrator would have been paid a $106,900 annual salary. No other courts in the county have multiple court administrators.[31]
Hunter's attempt to hire her own administrator caused a backlash with Hamilton County commissioners, who filed suit against her and asked her to not to go through with the hire. They withdrew the suit the next day. Hunter did hire Cross, but as a magistrate rather than a court administrator. The salary for magistrates is $75,000.[31]



See also: Ohio judicial elections, 2010
Hunter defeated Daniel J. Donnellon in the Democratic primary to advance to general election. She ran against John M. Williams in November. Williams was originally declared the winner of this race.[32][33] However, the race was undecided until July 2012, due to a legal dispute over whether to count 849 ballots which were cast in the wrong precincts. The Ohio Supreme Court ordered the erroneous ballots to be ignored, but U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott ruled that 149 of such ballots were only wrong because of poll worker errors and should be counted.[3]
  • In July 2012, the Republican Party dropped their appeal of the vote total, allowing Hunter to take her seat on the court.[3]
See also: Hunter v. Hamilton County Board of Elections, upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.
On October 21, 2013, Hunter was awarded $921,000 in legal fees in connection with her lawsuit for the recount.[1]


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